So grateful.

In my younger years, I called myself “Tracy the Great,” part of a quartet of pre-adolescent girls known (amongst themselves) as the “Greats.” A couple—okay, maybe a few (who’s counting?)—decades later, I find a similar, if more mellowed, moniker describes me best…Tracy the Grateful. I have so much to be grateful for, from family and friends, to the wonderful community in which I live.

As we planned the articles for this issue of Conejo Valley Lifestyle magazine, we decided to connect them to the theme of the month: Gratitude. What better month than November—the national month of gratitude and Thanksgiving—to consider all the wonderful things we’re thankful for about living in the Conejo Valley? Many—way too many—article ideas about the wonderful aspects of the Conejo Valley sprang to mind. From strong family and community values, to agriculture, culture and arts, safety, top-quality medical providers and schools, natural beauty and stellar weather, the number of things we have to be thankful for in this area is astounding.

So you’ll find that the articles in this issue highlight just a few of the favorite things we’re so grateful to enjoy in the Conejo: thriving agriculture from farm to table, endless miles of trails and open space to explore, quality schools offering educational options at every level, and impressive theatre arts and culture in our own backyard. And there’s just so many more great local people and places to feature than we have pages to cover. We look forward to focusing on more of the wonders found in the Conejo Valley in future issues.

For now, I hope you enjoy this issue, and remember to take some time this month to reflect on the bounty of your blessings and the many things that make you great(ful), which undoubtedly include calling this very special place in the world home.


Tracy Marcynzsyn, Editor

On the Cover: Food tops the list of the things we’re thankful for.