New Year!

Here comes 2016! Wow! It seems as if 2015 went by in a flash. It did.

We started Conejo Valley Lifestyle in 2015. Work began in April and by the end of June we had put the premier August issue to bed. This is issue #6 and thanks to our writers, led by our Editor Tracy Marcynzsyn, our readers seem to love us. Our advertisers—bless them—have shown their love by supporting our editorial mission with their outreach to our readers.

So what does this mean to us (and possibly you) and how we view the start of another year? Reinvention: 2015 was the start of that process and 2016 will bring it to full flower. Frankly, when we started this magazine we were almost forced into entrepreneurship by an economy and culture with little to no respect for experience and knowledge (30 years regarding anything and everything print media and 15 years of digital media). Best thing that ever happened! After wasting time fighting the system, we jumped outside the box and we haven’t looked back.

The inspiration behind this line of thought on reinvention is an article by Steve Lopez, published in the Los Angeles Times. Steve is probably the best human interest journalist in the U.S. The article was about a 50-year-old man who lost his job of more than 25 years. He had worked and prospered building C-17s for the Air Force. The plant had recently closed, forcing him to endure a painful reinvention process. We certainly related to this kind of setback. We hope 2016 will be his year to move away from the old and embrace the new.

And here we are. This year will be filled with articles on the many positive activities in our community. The Conejo Valley will continue to be one of the best places to live and work in the U.S. Since we started this magazine, we have met an incredible number of people whose families are multi-generational residents of the area. Why not? Lots of reasons, take your pick…..good people, clean air, great business opportunities for anyone who has the energy and vision, great schools, beautiful scenery…the list goes on.

May 2016 bring you and yours good health and prosperity.