WundaBar Pilates: 
Fitness for All Ages

One of the newest fitness locales taking the Conejo Valley by storm is WundaBar Pilates, opened this month in Westlake Village. Adding a twist to traditional Pilates, WundaBar workouts offer fun and challenging complete body conditioning that appeals to men and women of all ages.

What is WundaBar Pilates?

Simply put, it’s Pilates, reinvented. WundaBar Pilates takes core power, body-sculpting cardio and true strength to unparalleled levels for thousands of WundaBar devotees every day. I had two booming Pilates studios in Los Angeles, but knew there was something missing. From there, I decided to launch my own fitness franchise, with the aim of helping each one of my clients improve the life they are living in their own skin. I created and patented the WundaFormer, making the unbelievable benefits from the Pilates Reformer, WundaChair, Jump Board and Ballet Bar accessible to more people than ever before.

How is the WundaFormer different?

The WundaFormer integrates four exceptional apparatuses into one easily transformed machine for fast, sky-high energy and core-shredding workouts. It is the most efficient 45 minutes you’ll spend in your day. We like to call it the “Swiss Army Knife” of Pilates machines, combining the Pilates Reformer, Jump Board, WundaChair and Ballet Bar.

Who can attend your classes? Is Pilates just for women?

Let’s dispel this myth once and for all: This workout is NOT just for women! Just ask the dozens of men who’ve gotten their butts handed to them in the studio! We provide wickedly challenging and functional classes for men and women, ages 13 to 93 (or older … we haven’t found a limit yet!). From mommies (and daddies), to moguls, students, celebrities and world-class athletes, everyone who wants a WundaBody can attend classes.

What exactly is a WundaBody?

WundaBodies are built from the inside out. Every single movement made at WundaBar flows from the core. We literally cue exercises from the bones outward! We’re hyper-focused on delivering intensity with integrity of movement. Just because it’s fun, fast and loud in here doesn’t mean we aren’t sticklers for impeccable and results-driven form.

What if I’ve never done Pilates before? 
Can I take any class?

Absolutely! WundaBar educators are highly trained to assist each client find both challenge and success, wherever they are in their fitness journey. In each WundaBar class, you’ll find first-timers, seasoned clients and everyone in between! We set you up in an exercise and then layer in the challenge—so everyone wins at WundaBar!

Alright, we’re sold! Where is WundaBar?

Here in the Conejo Valley, we have our own shiny new Westlake Village studio, located in The Village, at 2900 Townsgate Road, #117 (enter on Village Glen), where studio owner Maryellen Aviano has attracted an awesome group of local educators. Some nine other WundaBar studios are located in Southern California, from Santa Clarita to San Diego, with the flagship WundaBar Pilates studio and franchise headquarters in Studio City.

WundaBar Pilates in Westlake Village holds classes 7 days per week, and they’re not afraid to put their money where their mouth is—your first class is complimentary. Have fun exploring, and we’ll see you in class!

Learn more about WundaBar at WundaBar.com or call 818.694.1957.