All Together Now 1

Conejo Valley Lifestyle is, as we regularly state, a community magazine. I thought it would be a good idea to pay a visit to what we mean by that simple statement. Why? Because there are so many divisive issues in national politics today and violence seems to dominate every news cycle. I came of age during the turbulent ‘60s and ‘70s, but some of this turmoil seems even greater than it was back then.

Fortunately, our Conejo Valley community is one of the best places in the entire country to live. The low crime rate, generally well-run and managed cities, excellent schools, relatively clean air compared to the rest of the region, great shopping, vibrant local economy… I could go on and on, but it’s the people who are the best part—those of you who live here. On a regular basis, as members of the local media, we see the tremendous amount of time, effort and money put forth by those who “have” to benefit those who “have not.” It’s not just about writing a check. It’s time, communication and compassion.

While political storms divide the country, we just attended a matinee performance of Cabrillo Music Theatre’s production of “The Little Mermaid.” Hundreds of children from Ventura County Boys and Girls Clubs were invited guests. They are from minority communities who otherwise would probably not be given the chance to enjoy and learn about musical theater. They had a wonderful time. These kids, as you can see in our Good Times photo spread, are quite “diverse” and also quite happy to be attending the production. They are also part of the future of our communities and our country. Let’s make that a positive part.

The Conejo Compassion Coalition, a consortium of local churches, does good work throughout the world, and Golden Heart Ranch, which we featured a few months ago, will become a life-sustaining destination for special needs young adults. Months after its publication, the story has become the most visited and read article on our website. Senior Concerns works very hard to sustain the quality of life for seniors who do not have the resources to do so themselves. There are many others as well. Personally, I have never before been part of a community that gives so generously of itself.

Thank you, Conejo Valley community. Feel free to disagree, but never forget we are all in this together.