Giving Thanks for Family Traditions 5

As the holidays approach, my heart is warmed by the many traditions my family has created. In order for a tradition to survive, an equal effort must be made by the family to consciously repeat the tradition year after year.

As the years go by, the old saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone,” becomes even more relevant in our lives. The life span of traditions in a family many times can show just how strong the connection is within that family. Personally, this is true in my own family as we have created rituals and traditions that have become meaningful activities through the years. Creating amazing meals together is one of the great family traditions in my family.

One of the recipes that I can categorize as a tradition is my grandmother’s homemade soup that my mom passed on to me and my daughters. On my husband’s side of the family, some amazing pasta recipes have been passed down as well. My husband and I have also recreated some of our own traditional meals for our children. These family traditions are like an old familiar song, as they can take you right back to your favorite safe place. When you are asked to bring a signature dish that you have created to a potluck, I’m sure that many of you have a family recipe that is meaningful and made with love.

If you haven’t started a tradition in your family yet, it is never too late. There are many different things that we do with our families every year that we might not realize have become traditions, such as gathered dinners, Halloween parties or even Thanksgiving and holiday dinners. A vacation that you all take together, eating dinner together or even choosing a game you can all sit down and play together could easily become a family tradition. These might sound like simple ideas, but that’s what makes them family traditions.

My family and I have made many trips to Laughlin with our kids and close friends, and we always have such a great time. Without even realizing it, we have been creating a new family tradition by making annual trips out there together. Last year my family decided to start a new tradition by planning a family reunion with all of our kids, their spouses and our grandchildren. We decided that the best place to have this family reunion would be in Laughlin since we have made so many amazing memories there in the past. Of course, we had an amazing time as usual and we can’t wait to do it again next year.

Families can be such a blessing, and I am so thankful for mine. I believe that happiness is homemade and family traditions can help make relationships even stronger. This holiday season, reflect on the treasures and memories you might have already created and realize that there are so many easy ways to create even more traditions within your family. It is important to let everyone be a part of creating your new family tradition, including your children and grandchildren, because I have found that each new generation adds a much needed twist to our lifelong traditions. Lastly, I just want to say that I am so grateful for what I do, especially being able to share my thoughts about family traditions with all of my listeners and anyone else who takes the time to read about them. Thank you for this opportunity and allowing me to share the brighter side of life with you all!

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