Pet-Tini Fundraiser Benefits Pets & Seniors

Pet-Tini Fundraiser Benefits Pets & Seniors 8

Guests enjoyed a comedy show, silent auction, appetizers and more at the Assisted Home Health & Hospice Foundation’s fundraiser to benefit the Hands to Cuddle, Paws to Love program. The program’s mission is keeping pets and their owners together.

Rotary Serves Up Community Spirit

Rotary Serves Up Community Spirit 11

Local Rotary Clubs host numerous events to benefit local and international causes. The Thousand Oaks Rotary Club recently served up chili at the annual Chili Cook Off. Westlake Village Rotary Club’s annual Street Fair was also a big success.

Here’s To Our Lady

Here’s To Our Lady 1

This month we will again be celebrating the 4th of July, the birthday of our nation’s founding. Frankly, I do not see it as a happy birthday. The discourse between everyday people all the way up to our country’s so-called leaders is more toxic than at any time in my lifetime. I include the Vietnam War era in that assessment. There may not be mass protests, but what lies just beneath the surface is perhaps even more divisive.

Creating a Life Care Plan for Peace of Mind:

Creating a Life Care Plan for Peace of Mind:

Issues surrounding health care needs often come to the forefront as we age, and many people are not prepared to make informed decisions regarding assisted living, finances and chronic care for ourselves or loved ones. Creating a Life Care Plan provides numerous benefits and peace of mind for families, as explained by Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law Specialist Kenneth W. Kossoff of Panitz & Kossoff, LLP.

July 2017 Around Town

July 2017 Around Town

July 4th offers an abundance of area activities to choose from, with full days of events scheduled in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and surrounding areas.

Local Ladies Jazz Up the Summer

Local Ladies Jazz Up the Summer 6

The many benefits of living in the Conejo Valley include the numerous talented musicians that deliver top quality performances, treating locals to A-list music without ever having to leave town. Jazz vocalists Bonnie Bowden, Lola Haag and Daniela Spagnola—a few of the area’s favorite performers—share a little about their love of Jazz. Be sure to catch their upcoming performances this summer.

Summer Melodies Liven Up the Season

Summer Melodies Liven Up the Season 2

Listening to live music under the summer sun—or stars—top the list of favorite outdoor activities. Perfect for making memories with friends and family, young and old, outdoor concerts abound in the Conejo Valley this summer, providing plenty of opportunities to get your groove on and move to the music.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape 6

Since White Heat was the first movie filmed on the island in 1934 to 2015’s Jurassic World, Kauai has been the stunning backdrop of more than 60 movies. Check out some of the views featured in the films, including waterfalls and the Na Pali Coast sea cliffs on a relaxing helicopter tour, or dive deep into a more intimate view of the island by exploring the Garden Island’s marked hiking paths. Hit the trails and explore the floor of Waimea Canyon or the bogs of Alakai Swamp for an up close and personal view of the landscape. Visiting the island’s North Shore? Then check out the Wai Koa Loop Trail, a 5-mile trek through North America’s largest mahogany forest.

Many Mansions Builds a Firm Foundation for Community

Many Mansions Builds a Firm Foundation for Community 18

In 1979, community members of Thousand Oaks came together in response to the housing crisis plaguing their neighbors, especially those who were becoming homeless or being forced to live in overcrowded, run-down, and crime-ridden housing.
These individuals represented a wide segment of Thousand Oaks, including the faith community, social services agencies, businesses, local government and concerned citizens.

That Settles It:

That Settles It:

Trade date is pretty simple. That’s the date your trade took place. But what is settlement date?
It’s similar in concept to “the close of escrow” in a real estate transaction. Let’s say that on June 15, you signed documents to buy a home. You then have until the close of escrow, say, 30 days later on July 15, to do things like inspecting the home and getting your mortgage completed. At the close of escrow, the transaction “settles” and the home’s deed is exchanged for the agreed-upon cash.

Family Fun in the Conejo & Beyond:

Family Fun in the Conejo & Beyond: 4

Summer is here and things are heating up in the Conejo Valley with activities for the whole family to enjoy, from horseback riding and hiking to exploring nearby beaches and catching a live concert. So grab the sunscreen, pack a lunch and gear up for some summer family fun with these ideas to get you started!

Traveling through Life

Traveling through Life 3

Vacationing and traveling through this thing called life seems to be a daily task for us all. What are you doing with your measured days? Are you only working through it, or are you an adventurist? Are you on a treadmill and haven’t even began to think about the possibility of a vacation this year? Well, summer is just around the corner and this could be a great time to check some dreams off your bucket list. Pushing yourself to do things you’ve always dreamed of could soon become a reality.