Traveling through Life 3

Vacationing and traveling through this thing called life seems to be a daily task for us all. What are you doing with your measured days? Are you only working through it, or are you an adventurist? Are you on a treadmill and haven’t even began to think about the possibility of a vacation this year? Well, summer is just around the corner and this could be a great time to check some dreams off your bucket list. Pushing yourself to do things you’ve always dreamed of could soon become a reality.

It has recently occurred to me how truly valuable our days are.

Regardless of this realization, it really hasn’t changed anything. We all still make the same choices by living a predictable and constant lifestyle. Why, I wonder? Are we all following the examples that we’ve always known? For me, my parents found their passion in making a difference. They loved to work and did so for most of their lives. What path have I followed? My parents’ work ethic shaped me into who I am today. However, my husband learned a different path. His parents worked and retired at early ages. Are we programmed to live certain lifestyles, or are our journeys for us to design?

This summer, while our kids vacation from school, are you still on your daily treadmill? There are millions of different ways that you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of your busy lives. You can get away but stay close to home by visiting museums and theme parks, such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain and Universal Studios. Numerous beaches and area parks also provide an enjoyable setting for a summer day of fun. If you’re into boating, the water might be your perfect vacation. Movie buffs can catch up on movies or plays. How about visiting distant family members or even just enjoying quality family time at home? Because of our calendared time schedules, we have all of this extra time on our hands, or at least that’s the expectation that summer has always had, which is the time to relax and go on a vacation. How are you going to use your extra time this summer if you don’t have any vacations planned? Consider lending a helping hand by volunteering. You could even plant a garden in your yard, explore the earth around you, or start a project you haven’t had the time for. Maybe setting aside some time for plain self-love could be the key to having an enjoyable summer.

Most people I know like to spend their summers traveling to familiar places, such as Hawaii, Mexico, Europe or other states to visit family. My husband and I recently took a trip on the wilder side, as we embarked on our second trip to Ecuador. Let me start with the fact that there was never a moment that we felt unsafe. We did lots of traveling in the first half of the month and relaxed at the beach for the second half.

Taking daily walks on the beach and simply exploring were the only agendas on our schedule. The only thing we worried about was the weather, high tides and ensuring we caught the beautiful sunsets each evening.

When my husband and I go away on vacation, it usually takes a while for us to unwind. Once unwound, we take the time to just be in the moment. We have met amazing and interesting people from all over the world doing the same thing as us by exploring and trying to live life with lots of new experiences. I think this is one of the reasons why I love doing my radio show. I truly love hearing about people’s unique journeys. What is the next journey you are planning? If you travel somewhere, make sure to vacate your mind for a while so you can recharge and move forward to become your best you. If you are considering traveling to Ecuador, contact me for some great suggestions.

Enjoy your summer!

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