Roadside Lumber & Hardware: Celebrating 42 Years of Community Service

Roadside Lumber & Hardware Inc., one of Agoura Hills’ oldest businesses, recently celebrated its 42nd anniversary. Independently owned and operated since its start in 1975, Roadside Lumber was founded to primarily supply landscaping and residential contractors with lumber, hardware, paint, tools and other materials. Today, Roadside Lumber & Hardware serves the general public as well as contractors, offering discount pricing on special order building materials and professional quality products that are not available at most corporate stores.

Reminiscent of its small town roots, Roadside Lumber combines a personal touch and genuine appreciation for its customers with top quality tools and materials.

“We give the homeowner the same access as we do the contractor in terms of purchasing, so it is a much more consumer-friendly process for major remodels,” says General Manager Owen Nostrant. “In general, we offer a volume discount, which is what determines the pricing and is a preferred choice over the bulk pricing at other stores.”

This community mainstay doesn’t stop at offering great prices on professional products—Roadside Lumber’s customer service extends to holding informational events and trade shows that provide opportunities for consumers to ask questions and see products up close.

A weekly “Hot Dog & Hump Day” held Wednesdays during the summer provided a free lunch and informational sessions with various vendors giving product demonstrations and allowing customers to ask questions and learn about specific products and processes.

This month, Roadside Lumber & Hardware holds its annual trade show showcasing 25+ vendors that is open to the public.

“Our goal is to match vendors with contractors who are installing a product so they can touch the material and get a feel for it and not play the guessing game,” explains Nostrant. “It eliminates a lot of having to bring the homeowner samples and waste valuable time, and everyone is happier with the result,” he adds.

Lending a Hand

Acknowledging the growing DIY market, Roadside Lumber & Hardware often serves as a hub to connect contractors and homeowners. As the source for custom and professional materials not found at chain hardware stores, Roadside Lumber works to provide quality direct service to consumers and contractors.

“In the age of the internet, homeowners, consumers and contractors are able to research products that they want through manufacturers’ websites,” says Nostrant. “In many ways, homeowners are the ones doing all of the leg work and then they turn the purchase order over to the contractor.”

Roadside Lumber often refers contractors to customers based on their needs and product specifications.

“A lot of times, consumers will contact us because they know we sell the items and we can refer someone to do the installation based off our network of contractors who strictly purchase the items they need from us, and we match them together based on their needs,” says Nostrant.

Building Up

Roadside Lumber & Hardware’s thriving partnership with the community and contractors during the past decades has fueled its current expansion and relocation into the building next door.

“We didn’t move far—just next door,” laughs Nostrant, noting its original building will become a warehouse to accommodate Roadside Lumber’s expansion. “We are moving forward with gusto and looking forward to the next 20 years and beyond.”

Roadside Lumber & Hardware is located at 29130 Roadside Drive in Agoura Hills. For more information and upcoming events, call 818.991.1800 or visit