Giving Breast Cancer the Boot

Last October we devoted a major portion of Conejo Valley Lifestyle to the fight against breast cancer. Here we are a year later and the fight goes on. At a recent event in preparation for October’s month-long recognition of that fight, a good friend expressed a bit of impatience, exasperation and maybe some overload on the subject. In her words, “Enough!” I understand how she feels, but until the fight is won, we must stay focused and on the job.

In many ways, communication is one of the most important weapons we have in our arsenal. Since breast cancer is largely a woman’s disease, women are uniquely qualified to use communication as a weapon. Women are typically more open about their feelings than men, and most of us are not afraid to express them! In this case, as the publisher of a widely distributed community magazine and website, it is my responsibility to keep awareness about the need for increased research, resources and funds to support both, front and center. This month’s issue features articles about breast cancer survivors, diagnosing, treating and surviving breast cancer and how our community joins in and comes together to support the cause.

This month, on October 7, my Conejo Valley Lifestyle team and I will be Making Strides against Breast Cancer, striding in the 5K right down Thousand Oaks Boulevard. Be there to join us. Participate! Communicate! Share!