Just Meet Me in the Middle 1

How many of you grew up as a daddy’s girl or maybe had a grandpa that you looked up to?

I feel like the respect for men is slipping away. Maybe it was a fairy tale growing up thinking our Prince Charming would show up, we would fall in love and live happily ever after. Oh, and that we would take care of each other till death do us part. I know women wanted to be more independent, which I believe is a good thing—at least that is how I was brought up watching my mom work and fulfill her business goals. Some men can and are threatened by this. Well that’s the era I thought I grew up in.

As I’ve gotten older, it’s been a rude awakening from what I thought about our respectable presidents to our dignitaries and down the line. Is this the new normal or has the world always been this way? It seems every movie or TV show has someone being unfaithful. Why? What happened to “Leave It to Beaver” type shows or the “Brady Bunch”? I realize those were just shows we grew up with, but at least it felt safe.

I have sons and now sons-in-law. I want to see them respect the women in their lives and also see my daughters respect the men. I want them to respect their relationships and working with their marriages as a partnership. Where did this concept get lost in translation that relationships are disposable? When things don’t feel right or you’re bored, you throw it to the way side. I would like to see being faithful through thick and thin make a comeback—knowing you’ve got a partner as well as a soulmate. Are you with me? I know there are some amazing men out there—these are the men I want to hear about.

Let’s get our boundaries in line with our families and make commitments to our relationships. In the long run that will not only give us some stability in our life but will be an example to our children. I realize nothing is forever, and I know life is not forever, but our love could be by bringing respect back into our relationships. Remember, relationships take a lot of work; some of us put more effort into our jobs, our homes and our hobbies than our relationships. If you have met your soulmate, honor and respect that person, as we are always better together.