Local Men Making a Difference 5

Darin Arrasmith

Home: Simi Valley.

Vocation: Commercial real estate broker for Westcord.

Philanthropy: Youth services primarily through Rotary and I’m a host parent to a Chinese student for three years. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Manna Conejo Valley Food Bank.

Childhood Dream: I wanted to be a doctor, but I never felt called to it as I was going through school.

Inspiration: People who roll up their sleeves and do amazing things for others without caring who gets the credit for it. More gets done in this world with people who think this way.

Rewards: Receiving a handwritten note from a Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) graduate (or their parent or teacher) saying how they have changed their life due to an inspirational moment at RYLA.

Advice: Don’t ever deny yourself the opportunity to do something that you think you would enjoy based on what others may say about you. Use your gift wisely.

Accomplishments: My family.

Future: I travel with my wife often and we might let the kids come along every now and again. I will work with an attitude of service as long as my mind and body will let me.

Fun: Martial arts, snowboarding, hiking, writing and teaching.


Patrick Cassidy

Home: Thousand Oaks.

Vocation: Actor and performer for 40 years, teacher and director for eight years.

Philanthropy: In Los Angeles, I did the S.T.A.G.E. benefit to help raise money for AIDS awareness. In Palm Springs, I’ve helped [raise money for] the Jewish Family Service of the Desert. I’m constantly going to fundraising and benefit events for various causes.

Childhood Dream: To be an NFL quarterback. When I broke my collarbone senior year in high school, I found out the Drama Department was putting on “The Music Man” and I auditioned. I got bit by the theatre bug after that.

Inspiration: Giving back—it’s the reason I became a teacher. I realized what my real calling was and it has been nothing but gratifying.

Rewards: My family.

Advice: Prioritize life. For me, family was always first and my career has always been at a distance. I’ve always been blessed and grateful.

Accomplishments: My children.

Future: I will always perform and will continue broadening my teaching—it’s the ultimate way that will ring true for me.


Chip Marvin

Home: Simi Valley.

Vocation: Senior Manager with Amgen in Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability.

Philanthropy: I’ve been a member of the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County for about six years and I’ve been a big to three littles for more than 20 years in two states. My wife and I are executing a long-standing philanthropic strategy where we give back to increase the well-being of the community, with particular attention to youth, health concerns and civil rights.

Childhood Dream: My dreams bounced somewhere between racing and drawing modified fast cars. I became an engineer as a result of those dreams.

Inspiration: People that do good things for people without expecting anything in return, they’re the ones who epitomize our purpose. My 89-year-old mom has a big heart and is my biggest inspiration.

Rewards: I was named “Big Brother of the Year” in 2010. With Big Brothers Big Sisters, the best rewards come from mentoring the children. We call these “little moments,” which emerge periodically to remind us that we’re helping a child grow up with more chances for a happy life.

Advice: If it takes a village, be a villager! Do the right things, listen, be humble and be self-aware.

Accomplishments: Being married for just over 25 years. I have also accumulated a lot of great friends.

Future: To continue to give back and contribute to optimistic futures.

Fun: Cycling, snow skiing, golfing, traveling, cooking and music.


Sal Sandoval

Home: Moorpark.

Vocation: Business Client Advisor for Montecito Bank and Trust.

Philanthropy: I serve on five different boards: Boys and Girls Club of Moorpark (board member/past president), Community Conscience (treasurer), California Lutheran University Graduate School of Education (board member), California Lutheran University Alumni Board (board member) and board Housing Opportunities Made Easier (board member).

Childhood Dream: To get out of the inner city of Los Angeles and become a contributing citizen.

Inspiration: My father.

Rewards: Seeing kids that I had mentored who had challenges come back and become board members themselves; it’s so rewarding.

Advice: Continue to look up and forward to find your inspiration.

Accomplishments: My immediate and extended family.

Future: To proudly continue serving my community.

Fun: Camping with my wife and spending time with family and friends.


Rick Schroeder

Home: Oak Park.

Vocation: President of Many Mansions, a nonprofit affordable housing and service provider.

Philanthropy: Many Mansions. I was a donor to Many Mansions years before I became its president.

Childhood Dream: I dreamt of becoming a lawyer and a real estate developer and I did both.

Inspiration: Our Many Mansions residents. When I hear their stories about the hardships they have gone through and how they have overcome them, I am inspired to do all that I can to help them.

Rewards: I thank God every day for the friends and family I have and the meaningful work that I do.

Advice: Live a meaningful life and be a kind person.

Accomplishments: Having two wonderful children and a loving wife, helping build an important organization that is making a difference in the community and developing our affordable housing model, Hillcrest Villas Apartments.

Future: To keep working to make the community a better place, whether in affordable housing, in supportive services, in law or in some other endeavor.

Fun: Running, yoga, reading, cooking and traveling.