You Can't Spell "AMazinG" without AMG 6

Founded as a passion project in 1967 by two Mercedes-Benz engineers hell-bent on creating racing engines from their rolling stock, the AMG brand has always been about driving performance, and it is now tasked with bearing that torch globally for its parent company, Daimler AG. AMG’s mission has deviated little over its 50-year history. Its philosophy of “one man, one engine” is emblazoned on its corporate headquarters in Germany, and its high-performance vehicles are distinguished by their aggressive styling, two-number model nomenclature, and, yes, engines built by one person on the line in Affalterbach.

Meanwhile, there is a sea change underway in the automotive industry. The century-old sales and service model is being challenged by the on-demand economy and vehicle subscription services. The federal government’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards are pushing manufacturers towards greater and stricter efficiency compliance. And, to top it all off, cars are beginning to drive themselves. So, why then is a company like Mercedes-Benz launching the nation’s first-and-only all-AMG showroom not in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, but in Thousand Oaks?

The answer is as surprising as it is simple: it’s all about the experience.

There are only two steps to creating a world class experience around beautiful cars that are meant to be driven. The first step is to select a location in an environment that can reliably and readily inject the emotions generated by these machines into the hearts and minds of prospective owners. In this regard, it is little wonder why Thousand Oaks was bestowed this privilege. The second step is to showcase the vehicles in a way that does justice to the countless hours of engineering and creative expression that fuse together to form iconic, lasting designs worthy of a life-size poster in a man cave. The three walls of floor-to-ceiling glass at AMG Thousand Oaks do nothing to hide neither the sculpted machines within, nor the miles of picturesque canyon roads goading you on and pulling you out, as if to say, “You know, this could be your playground—every day.” Make no mistake, this is a menagerie for adrenaline addicts whose only cure is octane.

While this strategy of “pick the right place, build the right building” is the obvious mantra for many successful real estate ventures, the reality is that AMG Thousand Oaks is the product of a rather long and fruitful dialogue between Mercedes-Benz USA and Mercedes-Benz of Thousand Oaks’ General Manager, Scott Stanley.

In Stanley’s own words: “We began the discussion with MBUSA beginning in 2015, quite literally on the back of a napkin. As you are probably already aware from all the TV ads and motorsports victories, AMG is an ascendant brand in the industry, and while our partners in Affalterbach wanted us to increase the amount of our retail footprint dedicated to the brand, myself and the Silver Star Automotive Group executive team had a slightly bigger vision in mind. So, after many months of back and forth and two or three (dozen) sleepless nights, we took a dormant property on our campus and transformed it into the first and only standalone AMG showroom in the country. What’s here today is here for driving enthusiasts because that’s who we are at our core, and there are millions of people in this world who are exactly like us. We just love these cars, and there’s simply no better way to share our passion than with this crown jewel of automotive performance.”

Do yourself a favor and experience AMG to see what it means to be “Driving Performance.”

AMG Thousand Oaks is on the Mercedes-Benz of Thousand Oaks campus at 3905 Auto Mall Drive, in Thousand Oaks, naturally.