When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a thousand wishes. I choose a thousand wishes. 

Summer is a very special time of the year. Is there something you have wanted to do that you might not be able to because of work or school? If so, now is a great time to start making a list—some call it a bucket list—I call it a wish list. If I had time, I wish I could…?

What tops your wish list? Some of us know, while others are just wishing. Stop wishing and start putting some action steps into place so you can live with abundance not only in your life, but your activities. We have so many amazing places nearby, and many of us have beautiful backyards, yet we look for fun in other places. I love my home, and when I take time to feel the warm air, close my eyes and relax my body, I feel rejuvenated in my own surroundings. I’m in the process of clearing and simplifying my life and home—another project to consider undertaking this summer—whatever you need or want in your life can be yours. 

I like to divide our summer in sections. Traveling is one thing my husband and I love to do. We’ve been going to the lake for years with our children, and now that our children are grown and have busy schedules, we travel with our kids and their families at different times. Our twin grandsons live close by, and we’re so grateful to have them, as well as spend time with our other two via FaceTime. We love spending time with them and watching them learn; it’s such a precious time.

We also love music and plays and, best of all, trying new restaurants—we are definitely foodies! One of our new favorites things is our smoker, thanks to our oldest daughter and her hubby. While we used to have large parties, now we prefer to visit with a few couples, which allows for more intimate conversations.

During summer, my roses and garden are also in full bloom, and I love harvesting fruit and flowers. Take a moment this summer to surround yourself with the things that make you happy. Remember, we’re all busy making money—don’t forget to make sure you’re making memories. 

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