We often see ads looking for a small dog for company or looking for a big dog to run with or be a companion. “Need a cat that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep for a new companion. Looking for a bird to just watch and listen to.”

What if we turned the ad around to say, “Looking for an owner who will rescue me and honor my friendship. Know that I will watch their house to the best of my ability and watch any program you put on. Oh, and the day you decide not to take a shower or brush your teeth, I’m not going to worry so much, just as long as you let me sit and cuddle with you. I sometimes show my emotions by licks and wagging my tail. I know it’s not polite to jump, but sometimes I get so excited.

“Can you feed me, can you remember that the same thing every day gets boring? Oh, and please don’t forget to throw me a bone, just for fun, it’s like a little thank you during the day. When you take me on a walk, it’s so much fun I just want to explore. I know I have to mind my manners, but I’m so confused. You tell me I should go on the grass and yet when we’re walking, I can’t. Not sure what I’m supposed to do. Help me understand. I really want you to love me and to be happy with me. You kind of look upset when I bark; if I could speak, I would, but that’s my way of communicating. How am I supposed to tell you I have to go to the bathroom or if there is someone I think coming close and I’m not sure they are supposed to be here? Or I know it’s not right, but maybe I tease the cats. Geez, I’m just having a bit of fun. Just have to also mention those cute clothes you buy for me—have you ever thought of how I feel wearing them or if they’re comfortable? Just saying! You kind of give me mixed messages. Sorry, just saying! We can work this out! I promise I will try harder next time; please don’t tell me you’re going to take me back. We’re just getting used to each other. Remember, the grass always looks greener until the weeds start coming up.”

If you’re looking for a new best friend, do your diligence on finding the pet that matches your needs as well as theirs. If you do, you will be forever happy until unfortunately the day your pet, goes to animal heaven. Your house will feel different, trust me, and you will feel like you’ve lost a member of your family. If you feel like that, then you can know in your heart that not only did you love your baby, but they felt your love too. If you open your heart again to another pet, don’t try to replace them, just love them starting all over; just as we are different, so are they. Together, we make incredible memories that are so rewarding.

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