The women profiled in this month’s issue are truly remarkable. In the communities we cover with Conejo Valley Lifestyle and Malibu to Palisades Lifestyle, there are really more very special female professional, business, nonprofit leaders and “difference makers” than we could ever profile or acknowledge in a single issue. Our communities have the resources to excel and excel we do….with great energy and generosity.

What is also very exciting is the recent acceleration of opportunity for women in business, professions, the arts and politics. It may not all be perfect, but I prefer to celebrate what we have and what we have gained.

What I would like to think about in this brief letter is most of the rest of us. Regular folks. Women raising families the right way. Giving their children love, understanding and a moral compass and very often holding down a job while we do it. Also, women on their own. Building independent lives and not needing someone else to “take care of them.” That doesn’t mean they don’t want a mate—they just don’t need one to get by.

By 2020 there is a very good chance that a woman may once again be a Presidential candidate. This is not a judgment on who we as women should vote for, not at all. What she stands for and how you feel about that should be what determines your vote. What is really exciting is simply that is can happen at all.

So, to all of my sisters, we all have so much to offer in small and big ways. The world we all leave to our children and grandchildren can and will be a better place because of us.