The Hub Bike Shop in Westlake Village is unlike any other shop in Ventura County and beyond, featuring the only Retül technology in the area, certified service technicians, and an endless selection of bicycles—including kids’ bikes, electric bikes and everything in between.

“We have an absolute focus on the customer experience—helping customers make smart choices, versus the old-school way of buying one of dozens of bikes hanging from the ceiling or stacked on racks. That can be overwhelming,” says Jeff, owner of the business along with his wife, Debra.

The staff is dedicated to engaging with each customer to understand their needs to select the right bike, using Retül technology to perfectly size each individual for comfort and performance. The Hub Bike Shop also features a large touch-screen monitor to show customers bikes, products and color choices, so they can select the best bike for them. 

“There are Retül shops around the world and we’re one of them—the only one in Ventura County and one of a few in the greater Los Angeles area, including San Diego,” says Eric Takayama, Retül fit specialist at The Hub Bike Shop.

The beginning cyclist would benefit the most, “because they have the most to gain from starting out properly, and they also have the most to lose from not getting a good fit right from the beginning… they could be completely turned off by the sport because it’s not comfortable for them, or don’t understand why they can’t go faster, or why they have pain.”

For the seasoned cyclist, “it’s a way for them to take their riding to the next level,” Takayama says. “A proper bicycle fitted is the basis for improving in any facet for whatever they want to do with their bicycle riding, whether it be climbing hills or descending, or doing a fast group ride or race.”

The Hub Bike Shop is known for its expert staff, “who are not just wrenches behind our wonderful service counter, but certified technicians—who are trained to serve our customers efficiently,” Jeff says.

When it comes to fitting, maintenance, repair and sales, “we want to provide you with the highest level of service,” says service leader Laura Murray, whose 14 years of experience gives her a wealth of knowledge for all riders, from children and their bikes, to cyclists that want to refurbish their 50-year-old road bike with modern technology.

“People come in, sit down and have a cup of coffee, and watch me fix their bike,” Murray says. “I walk them through it. I want to let people know how things work. All of us are education-focused.”

Creating a long-lasting relationship with every customer is the ultimate goal at The Hub Bike Shop.

“We have a really great sense of community,” says Aidan Kiely, service and experiential leader. “It’s easy for shops to sell someone a bike and say goodbye, and that’s the final step in the whole transaction. But we’re thinking about how we can take it beyond that. We follow up with them and continue to be involved with their enjoyment of our sport.”

The Hub Bike Shop also gives back to the community through philanthropic efforts, including proceeds from their grand opening that went toward the Borderline and fire victims. The shop has donated bicycles to local schools, including La Reina, which raffled off the bikes and used the proceeds to benefit their campuses. On an international level, The Hub Bike Shop supported Wheels for Africa, a nonprofit that collects bicycles for needy communities in Africa and America.

In other offerings, “we are creating a loyalty program for kid’s bikes and more,” Debra says. “For example, if you come in and buy a bike for your kid and they grow out of it, we provide a trade-credit to buy their next bike.”

Above all, “it’s our customer service and service department that drives business,” she adds. “That’s why we’ve hired the best talent out there. People walk in and know they’re being taken care of.”

The Hub Bike Shop is located at 2900 Townsgate Road, #109, in Westlake Village. For more information, call 805.371.6482; or visit