New Zealand Fresh

Aroha New Zealand Cuisine & Bar’s Owner/Chef Gwithyen Thomas created a menu that showcases the mouthwatering flavors of New Zealand, using the highest quality ingredients. The menu features predominantly organic local produce—they even grow their own passion fruit, feijoa and herbs on their back patio—free-range and grass-fed organic meats primarily from New Zealand, and fresh New Zealand seafood that’s flown in…

Ben’s Non-Traditional But Traditional Hanukkah Brisket

A braised beef brisket in gravy is to a family Hanukkah dinner as turkey is to Thanksgiving or ham is to Easter dinner. Frankly, as someone who has sat through many years of braised to death brisket in watery gravy or a Heinz Chili sauce concoction (instant heartburn!), I will tell you that I am not very fond of it—even…

Farm & Flame Fires Up Fresh Flavorful Fare, Family-Style

Heather Worrell grew up on a ranch in Texas, where she learned to smoke meats with her father and enjoyed eating the best BBQ at the Diamond W. Longhorn Ranch Chuckwagon Dinner & Cowboy Show. With BBQ in her DNA, it’s no wonder this Texas-turned-Malibu resident founded Farm & Flame, a local catering service and eclectic fusion menu food truck…

Brent’s Deli: Catering to Hanukkah Celebrations

Beginning at sunset on Dec. 24 this year and lasting for eight days until the evening of Jan. 1, Hanukkah is a time to celebrate the Jewish faith and take part in age-old traditions. Lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel and eating fried foods to celebrate the miracle of the oil are mainstays of this Jewish festival of lights.

Discover Your Inner Chef with Thermomix

I am not a cook. Even can openers can be challenging. And boiling water? Forget it! With all that, I still occasionally fantasize about preparing great meals to share with family and friends. Well, my dreams may have come true. A new product called Thermomix promises to make non-cooks like me into chefs and good cooks into culinary masters.