AMG Thousand Oaks Takes You on the “Drive of a Lifetime”

There are generally two kinds of people when it comes to cars: car people and the rest. While Mercedes-Benz has long set the standard for luxury and safety on the road, their AMG division is for bona fide car people, and AMG Thousand Oaks was conceived for exactly these folks.

Stop in to Bumper2Bumper for Holiday Style

‘Tis the season to start gearing up for holiday festivities, including sprucing up your ride (or your loved one’s ride) for the season. Adding a visit to Bumper2Bumper.LA to your to-do list ensures your vehicle will earn high marks for holiday style.

You Can’t Spell “AMazinG” without AMG

 Article and Photography Will Andre    Founded as a passion project in 1967 by two Mercedes-Benz engineers hell-bent on creating racing engines from their rolling stock, the AMG brand has always been about driving performance, and it is now tasked with bearing that torch globally for its parent company, Daimler AG. AMG's mission has deviated little over its 50-year history.…

Silver Star Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Euro Van Invasion for Work & Play

Like anyone who does business in Los Angeles, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in traffic. During countless hours spent on the road throughout the years, I’ve observed what can be described as an invasion of sorts of high-roofed European vans with quite a unique look to them. Popular vans for businesses who want a practical, utilitarian means of…

German Automotive Certified Service in the Heart of the Conejo Valley!

Silver Star Mercedes-Benz can be seen prominently as you drive by Thousand Oaks Auto Mall on the 101. Conejo Valley Lifestyle got the opportunity to take a look inside the dealership.

Ladin Hyundai at the Thousand Oaks Auto Mall Presents the 2016 Hyundai Genesis

This review is from the perspective of a consumer who has always owned, leased and driven sedans, my favorite “ride” since I have no need for an SUV or crossover. My sedans have included Mercedes Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, Mercury and Buick. I have always preferred a reasonable combination of performance and comfort (I’m 6’ 2” and I need my…

​The GLA: Mercedes’ Smallest CUV

Compact crossovers continue to populate the automotive landscape. These scaled-down utility vehicles are primed for urban use because they are small enough to slip easily through congestion, haul various kinds of cargo and do so while returning good gas mileage.

Acura’s Compact RDX is Loaded with Technology and Comfort

Compact crossover utility vehicles are one of the hottest segments, mostly because these sensibly sized vehicles are a perfect fit for empty nesters, young couples or families with two kids. In many ways, they’re the contemporary equivalent of a station wagon and they’re much cooler than a minivan. Acura’s premium compact RDX is an excellent example of why the segment…