Onward & Upward!

Last year, our May issue featured several leading women in our Conejo Valley community. It was so well-received by our readers that we decided to see if we could do an even better job this year. I believe we did. I hope you all agree. Many, many thanks to our wonderful Editor Tracy Marcynzsyn. She pulled it all together, interviewed…

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Wow!! Spring has really sprung this year. Plenty of rain, lower water bills, happy unstressed plants. As long as you do not live downstream from an overflowing dam, life is good—at least as far as your garden is concerned.

The Cat’s Meow

Our readers may recall last year’s heartfelt tribute to our beloved cat Tuxedo, better known as Tuxie, in the March issue of Conejo Valley Lifestyle. Although he passed away a year ago in January, his spirit remains in our house…sometimes I see a shadow and think it’s him. But it was time to move on. By April, we were ready…

Pick Your Passion

February…the month for Valentines and love—and not just the romantic (seemingly ubiquitous when you’re solo) type. So before writing off this love fest of a month as a sweethearts-only celebration, remember that “Love is a many-splendored thing,” meaning it comes in myriad forms.

Batter Up!

Well, it’s finally 2017! Taking into consideration what an uproarious year just passed, maybe we should just thank our lucky stars we made it through to a new year and leave it at that.

Forward Focus: 
Celebrating our Blessings

As I write this message just two weeks short of election day, I think we can all agree that this has been the most divisive and bitter election season any of us can remember. Being kind of a history wonk, I reviewed presidential election campaigns throughout our nation’s history—both those I have lived through and remember and the ones I…

Cultivating Gratitude

As you sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner this month, please remember to include the many local farmers in your list of things to be thankful for as their hard work and dedication makes it possible for us to enjoy an incredible abundance of healthy foods each day.

Support & Rally

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In this issue, you can read about the personal journey of Robin Chesler, my beloved life partner, and others in confronting and beating this dreaded affliction. For this brief treatise, I would like to take you through a man’s experience and outlook when dealing with breast cancer.

All Together Now

Conejo Valley Lifestyle is, as we regularly state, a community magazine. I thought it would be a good idea to pay a visit to what we mean by that simple statement. Why? Because there are so many divisive issues in national politics today and violence seems to dominate every news cycle. I came of age during the turbulent ‘60s and…

A Year of Healthy Growth

Just one year ago we launched the first issue of Conejo Valley Lifestyle Magazine into the community, showcasing the local jazz dynamo Bonnie Bowden and recognizing the Ronald Reagan library as a rich historical resource for all ages. Since that inaugural August issue, the people, places, businesses and events that make Conejo Valley the gem that it is have filled…

Celebrating Our First Year

It’s hard to believe that with this issue we will be one year old! Twelve issues under our belts and many more on the way. Robin and I owe a great deal to all of the wonderful people who have helped us accomplish what we have so far. Most importantly, our wonderful editor, Tracy Marcynzsyn, without whom none of this…

What It Means to Be a Dad

June is Father’s Day month. A whole lot less is made of Father’s Day than Mother’s Day in May. Not surprising, since who was it that gave birth to us and did most of the heavy lifting and nurturing during our early years? Mom did. Besides (and this may sound sexist, but who cares?), you better be nice to the…

Wonder Women & Shining Stars

Growing up in the 1970's, I was taught women could do anything... in fact, I could even be the first female president, according to my enthusiastic father, who had two daughters he empowered to be as strong and capable as the son he never had.

Four Generations of Family

As you can see from the photo, there are four generations of Cheslers celebrating my birthday: great grandparents, Grammy (that’s me), a daughter, a son, their spouses, an uncle and even a cousin…and of course, the next generation: three toddlers and one in the oven. Wow! We had fun that evening enjoying each other’s company, some great food and most…

For Our 
Best Friend

This issue is dedicated to pet lovers and their pets. You may notice we do not use the word “owners.” Whether you have a cat, a dog or one of God’s creatures somewhat more exotic in your home, they quickly become part of your family, not property. In fact, if you happen to be empty nesters, they become your babies,…

Here’s to Your Heart!

Well here we are approaching the zenith of the holiday season. As I write this two days before Christmas and nine days before the New Year, there is plenty going on—almost too much—lots of fun stuff, while also madly wrapping up year-end business. As February is American Heart Month, the subjects of stress, diet and lack of exercise come to…