Drive in Style with Bumper2Bumper

What started as a hobby more than 20 years ago has become Westlake Village’s premier automotive appearance shop. Conejo Valley resident Debbie Soderberg grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia. Her passion for cars, boating and horses started at an early age. Her southern charm and hospitality combined with her passion and knowledge for cars led to the creation of Bumper2Bumper. Debbie’s…

What to Consider When Facing Divorce or Separation

When considering divorce or separation, many clients become overwhelmed by the prospect of radical changes to their family and financial future. There are many issues that immediately come to mind when the time comes to dissolve your marriage. Some are very obvious, such as child custody, child support, spousal support and property division, however, other issues aren't quite so blatant.…

Beautiful Brows & More at Brow Radiance: A Q&A with Lauren Schroeder

Brow Radiance, a division of Natural and Pure, offers a wide array of skin and body treatments, including microblading, facials, cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage (post-op), tattoo removal, waxing, make up, ear candling and aromatherapy.

Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuums: Which is Best?

Vacuums as we know them have come a long way since they were first invented. Early vacuums were heavy, bulky and very inefficient. One model was installed in a horse-drawn wagon and used a gasoline engine to operate. Hoses were brought into the house to clean it. Another machine that didn't last long weighed almost 100 pounds and proved too…

Experience the Pure Barre Magic

Visit Pure Barre Westlake Village and experience a studio full of strong, dedicated and friendly people. Opened last August, Pure Barre’s gorgeous 2,600-square-foot space is located at the corner of Village Glen and Townsgate Road in the Westlake Plaza.

What’s Your STRATEGY for the Next Downturn in the Market?

With the stock market at record highs, it’s a great time to review the strategy you have in place to deal with the next market downturn, whenever it comes. Let’s start here: Hope is not a strategy. Hoping the losses won’t be too big, or hoping the market will come back up does not qualify as a sound financial approach.…

What’s Your Financial IQ?

Try this simple quiz to test your financial acumen. Are you a perfect 10?

Borrow from Your 401K?

If you need to borrow a small sum, you may want to see if your 401K is a good borrowing source. In this article, we’ll review the process and some of the key advantages and disadvantages.

Dr. Karel Vaughan: Your Rx for Vein Troubles

One of the most common, chronic health conditions in North America involves vein problems. In fact, more people lose time off from work due to vein disorders than from artery disease. By age 50, as many as 50% of women and 20% of men suffer significant leg vein problems.

Lighten Up & Lose Inches with Westlake Body Contouring

What better way to learn about a service than trying it out firsthand? That’s what I thought when I agreed to Dr. Dianne Lalena Sandberg’s suggestion to experience a session before writing about Westlake Body Contouring.

Wellness Dental Center

A beautiful smile speaks volumes about your health and well-being, so keeping your teeth in top shape is essential at any age. At Wellness Dental Center in Westlake Village, their caring experienced team makes it a priority to offer biocompatible dentistry services to meet all of your dental concerns.

Find a Place to Thrive & Grow

Dancers gain confidence and learn to be courageous. Through dance, students continuously learn new skills and techniques. Naturally, children who are in dance classes are more coordinated and less inhibited physically. Typically they become more comfortable speaking in public and addressing groups and tend to have more courage presenting new ideas. Dance is very expressive. If students are inspired and…

The Morton Team Offers Tips for Home Buying & Selling

As the Team Lead of a top-rated real estate firm in Los Angeles and Conejo Valley, I am often asked for details about home buying and selling. The Morton Team International answers some of the most common questions about buying and selling homes.

Permanent Teeth in a Day?

"Change Your Smile, Change 
Your Life" Learn all you need to know about dental implants at the "Change Your Smile, Change Your Life" dental implant seminar presented by Steven S. Greenman, DDS, of Greenman Smile Concepts at the Westlake Hyatt on Thursday, August 11, from 6 to 8 p.m. Call for reservations and more information: 805.870.5915.

The Importance of Childhood Hearing Testing

Most parents are familiar with the need to screen their newborn’s hearing in the hospital, but after being given the green light, they lack awareness about the importance of testing their children as they grow. Many families think of hearing loss in black and white terms, believing one has either normal hearing or deafness. Actually, hearing loss is much more…

Affirmative Escrow: Real Estate Expertise & Service

Meet Affirmative Escrow Manager Brynne DesMarteau-Bradbrook, in this Q&A about Affirmative and its mission. What services does Affirmative Escrow provide? Commercial and residential resale and refinance escrow services, including bank-owned properties, corporate employee relocation, short sale and 1031 tax-deferred exchange transactions.

Monarchs Gym

Monarchs is a full-service children’s enrichment center dedicated to inspiring dynamic kids to grow, learn, have fun and be happy through the development of mind and body education. Monarchs offers curriculum-based physical instruction programs geared to cultivate your child’s active lifestyle through Kinder Gymnastics and Kinder Tots (Music, Superheroes, Princesses, Yoga & Cheer), Recreational Gymnastics classes for girls and boys,…