For Our 
Best Friend

This issue is dedicated to pet lovers and their pets. You may notice we do not use the word “owners.” Whether you have a cat, a dog or one of God’s creatures somewhat more exotic in your home, they quickly become part of your family, not property. In fact, if you happen to be empty nesters, they become your babies,…

What a Difference a Dog Makes!

Love On A Leash Therapy Dogs visit hospitals, convalescent homes, schools and more. Camarillo Library's “PAWS
For Reading” program teaches children to love books and reading, attracting some eight dogs and 20 readers per session.

Around Town

Make your reservations now for the Thousand Oaks Woman’s Club Annual Charity Luncheon Friday April 22 at the Los Robles Greens Golf Course Sunset Room in Thousand Oaks. Proceeds benefit Ride On, an organization that teaches adaptive horseback riding to children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities in our community. More than 5,000 riders are provided lessons each year…

Operation Blankets of Love

In 2003, Eileen and Brad Smulson adopted a 4-month-old poodle terrier mix named Ginger from a rescue group. Ginger is doing great and still acts like a pup. Five years later during a cold windy day in January, Eileen went with a friend to a newly built multimillion dollar shelter and saw dogs shivering on the cement floor. Eileen couldn't…

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Tornados, hurricanes, floods, building collapse, train wrecks. Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. And when people are missing, buried in rubble, getting search dogs on the scene quickly increases their chance of being discovered and rescued. After the Oklahoma tornadoes, search dogs were on the scene in an hour and a half, helping to locate victims missing among the destruction. In…

Golden Heart Ranch

If you or others you know have special needs children, what resources are available for their support, particularly, when it comes to housing and jobs? Millions of dollars are spent each year for various programs, but little attention is given to providing homes and employment for these children as they become adults.

The Cat Lady of Conejo

About 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 13 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year. Often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets. Spay/neuter is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them. – The Humane Society of the United States

Animals Can Be Great Therapy

The New Year is in full swing and it is time to greet spring with a new furry friend. What is your choice of animal comfort? It is a proven fact that animals of all shapes and sizes are sources of unconditional emotional support. With dogs, cats, horses, and birds being the most common choices, which are you most passionate…

Got Sinus Issues?

Have you had recurrent colds or allergy attacks that don’t seem to go away? If so, there's a good chance you have sinusitis, a condition that afflicts more than 37 million people each year. The good news is that local experts like Marc Kerner, MD, FACS, offer the latest treatments for sinus issues. Double board certified by the American Board…

Conejo Cottontails Project

The Spanish word for rabbit is “conejo,” for which our beautiful valley was named, but the cuddly little critters are taking on a new persona born from a joint venture of the cultural nonprofit Arts Council of the Conejo Valley and Art Trek, Inc. Imagine a 5-foot, 6-inch cottontail sitting on the lawn of your city hall. It’s possible. Conejo…

How Long Will It Take For Your Money To Double?

Robert A. “Rocky” Mills is a Financial Advisor with the Global Wealth Management Division of Morgan Stanley in Westlake Village. The information contained in this article is not a solicitation to purchase or sell investments. Any information presented is general in nature and not intended to provide individually tailored investment advice. The views expressed herein are those of the author…

Sports Academy

A new world-class multi-disciplinary sports training and development campus has recently opened in Thousand Oaks. The 96,000-square-foot Sports Academy will host competitions, leagues, camps, clinics, and offer specialized programs to meet every athlete's needs. Professional to amateur athletes, passionate sportspeople, senior citizens, moms and youth all receive the highest quality training of a caliber typically reserved for the elite athlete.

Surprising Facts about Weight Loss

“Is the life you are living worth the life you are giving up?”

PODS Moving and Storage

At some point in our lives, all of us will need to consider moving and storage options and determine the right fit for our precious belongings. There are many factors to consider when making your moving and storage decisions: Schedule: Does the service fit the timeframe you need to load and unload your belongings? Moving can be stressful enough on…

Cabrillo Music Theatre Spotlights Furry Friends

With the goal of completing families, Cabrillo Music Theatre invites local rescue organizations to offer adoptions at selected shows at the Civic Arts Plaza. Look for pet adoption opportunities during The Little Mermaid July 15-24.