Cabrillo Music Theatre's 
Children of Eden 
a Family Affair

Conejo Valley audiences are in for a treat this spring with Cabrillo Music Theatre’s production of Children of Eden April 8-17 at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.

In today’s pop-culture environment, filled with reality shows and one-liners, it’s challenging to find family-friendly entertainment that will spark meaningful conversation and appeal to multiple generations. Cabrillo Music Theatre’s production of Children of Eden will do all of that, and more. Children of Eden’s combination of music, dance and storytelling makes it a contemporary and vibrant story for all ages.

“It’s one of those stories that you can apply to your own life, no matter how old you are,” says Maureen Feldman, Cabrillo’s Director of Development and Communications. “Over the years we’ve discovered this community really responds to family-friendly entertainment that can be experienced together. This production is absolutely for them and we’re betting it will exceed all of their expectations. We invite families to bring their kids, parents, grandparents, and friends. If they liked Wicked, they’re going to love this,” says Feldman, highlighting the production’s powerful musical score.

Composed by Stephen Schwartz, of Wicked, Godspell and Pippin fame, Children of Eden tells the story of the first 10 chapters of Genesis. The stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Noah’s Ark address universal themes about parents and children, love, faith and choices. This contemporary and timeless production combines humor, romance, drama and heart into a unique theatrical event.

“When we present songs from Children of Eden at community events, I’ve witnessed grown men and women drying their eyes. Schwartz’s lyrics have a universal appeal and his melodies are so moving they stir the senses in a very beautiful and touching way. We’re so excited to introduce this beautiful, relatively unknown production to the community.”

Based on the book by John Ciarde, Children of Eden tells the Biblically-based story of Genesis from the point of view of Eve, depicted as a curious woman who bites into the apple to taste the spark of creation.

The story of Noah and the flood tells about Cain and Abel, featuring Cain’s daughter singing to Noah’s son about why she can’t board the ark. “I’m not a stranger to the rain,” she explains.

“You feel it on so many levels,” says Feldman. “Do you choose love and conquer all or do what is expected?”

Beautifully written, produced and performed, Children of Eden provides entertainment for the family of all ages. As with the material on which it is based, Cabrillo Music Theatre’s Children of Eden ends with hope and a promise—and the rich storytelling, music, dance and humanity serve as an inspirational reminder that we are ALL the Children of Eden.

“This is one production not to miss!” promises Feldman. For ticket information, call 805-497-8613 or visit

To arrange a special introductory presentation of Children of Eden prior to the production at a church or for a community group, please contact Maureen Feldman, Director of Development and Communications, at 805.497.8613 ext. 3.