Paw Hills: Peace of Mind for Pet Lovers

Taking a vacation or work trip sans pets is so much easier when you know they’re happy and in good hands. Pet owners find that peace of mind at Paw Hills Luxury Pet Hotel & Spa in Agoura Hills. The 100% full-service facility offers the finest accommodations, organic food and spa treatments for your pets. Providing boarding, grooming, training, day care, a social club for dogs in training and puppy/kitten adoptions, Paw Hills’ knowledgeable staff care for your pet’s every need. Paw Hills’ owner talks about the business.

Q. What was your inspiration for Paw Hills? What is your mission?

A. I started this operation because of my love of animals. My mission was then and is now to ensure that every pet owner has a safe environment to send their furry child to while they are away so they don’t have to worry. This allows them some peace of mind. Plus we enjoy it!

Q. Have you always been interested in owning your own business or was this something that grew from your love of animals?

A. I went to Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, a school that specializes in business, so yes, I always knew that I would operate my own business and because of my love and passion for animals, I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else. I have an extensive background in this field, which only adds to the love I have for this industry and my work.

Q. Paw Hills offers a wide range of services. Can you outline a normal day for us?

A. It starts off with morning walks and feeding. Then we plan for any grooming that needs to be done so there is enough time that they are properly groomed for the arrival of their parents. Then we do all of the personal play times. Of course, there are drop offs all day, so the lobby is very busy and full of people and furry family members. My staff is in and out of the accommodations all day to ensure that all of our guests are happy and getting the attention that they deserve. Then we do more walks and play times again, feed dinner and then evening walks. At the end of the day, we set up for the next day while all of our guests are sleeping in their rooms.

Q. What sets you apart from other luxury pet locations?

A. We have a variety of accommodations, including a special division for seniors and special needs. We have a great crew and a few of our employees are going to school to be vet techs, so that sets us apart. The care factor is in everything we do. If an owner forgets their leash, we have one. If they need food, we have it. We have great recommendations and a great wealth of knowledge about what is available and good for their pets. Plus, our wide range of services makes it very convenient for every owner. We make it as comfortable for every pet as possible, after all, they are our guests!

Q. What is the number one thing pet owners should know about their furry child’s stay at Paw Hills?

A. Our hotel packages are tailored and if for some reason they can’t be in Day Care during the day, well, that would be adjusted and their pet would have their own room and maybe some personal play time with a staff member if the owner chooses that. We offer a full range of hotel, day care, grooming and training services for dogs and cats, as well as anesthesia-free teeth cleaning by two vet techs supervised by a vet with an ultrasonic machine to clean the front and back of the teeth of dogs and cats.

Q. What can we expect from Paw Hills in the future?

A. We’re still new and growing, so we’re focusing on the clientele we have and servicing them as well as attracting new clients. We are continuing to get the word out about our services. With the help of our wonderful clients who send people to us, it looks like a great—and busy—future is ahead of us. We are very excited and looking forward to it!

Servicing all of Los Angeles, including Westlake Village, Calabasas and Malibu, Paw Hills is located at 30601 Canwood Street in Agoura Hills.

Call 818.889.PETS (7387) or visit for more information.