For Our 
Best Friend 1

This issue is dedicated to pet lovers and their pets. You may notice we do not use the word “owners.” Whether you have a cat, a dog or one of God’s creatures somewhat more exotic in your home, they quickly become part of your family, not property. In fact, if you happen to be empty nesters, they become your babies, your children.

As we were preparing ourselves for this issue we were going to feature the goings on of our wonderful cat Tux. Suddenly and unexpectedly we lost a member of our family. Tuxie died of a sudden heart attack. He was enjoying playing with Robin and one of his cat toys and just like that he was gone. So, this issue is also dedicated to him. Rest in peace big guy, Tux the Cat, 2005-2016.

Pet lovers tend to humanize the emotions and connections of their cats and dogs. The fact is these innocent creatures do become part of your family because they show genuine love, affection and dependence. He was, as Robin always said, her furry son.

It all started out when we rescued Tux and his litter mates from the wild. At first we even had to bottle feed the kittens. Talk about bonding!! Very quickly, Tuxie became our best friend. His little routines became a daily part of our lives. His Krazy Kat (that’s a reference to a very old comic strip) sense of humor was hilarious. He teased crotchety Emma the Cat, whenever she visited, like a naughty little brother. With his rugged tall, dark and handsome good looks he “coulda been in pictures.” He was the Clark Gable of the cat world. But most of all, every day, just being Tuxie with us, will always and forever be cherished. Robin was his adoptive mommy. He was my hangout buddy. We were part of his little feline pride. We will always miss him.

Please remember that we rescued Tuxie. He and his litter mates were born in our backyard. Most certainly they would not have otherwise lived very long. Instead all four kittens were adopted into loving families. In this issue you learn about the wonderful mission and success of Operation Blankets of Love in helping animals in shelters be more comfortable and as a result of that comfort, more adoptable. They save lives. So can you. There are thousands of dogs and cats housed in shelters and in foster homes in desperate need of adoption into a loving family. You have much to offer. So do they. Be there for them.

Our best to you and Ziggy the dog and Skippy the cat and all of your furry friends.