Growing the Game 15

Golf for the Whole Family 
at North Ranch Country Club

North Ranch Country Club offers golf programs for the entire family, from youth to adults, in a supportive and aesthetically pleasing environment. The Junior and Women’s programs get the entire family involved in golf, but more importantly, they turn golf into a family activity. Through programs such as Golf Camp, Junior Tournaments and Junior Golf Development, young family members build their self-esteem as they learn and develop their golf skills. Junior golfers, ages 6 to 16 years old, are taught by certified PGA instructors and cover the fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching, the bunker and the full swing, in addition to etiquette and rules of golf. For those who participate in Golf or Tennis Camp, North Ranch hosts “water play” each Friday to provide a cooling end to a week on the course!

While the kids are growing their golf skills, mom is able to learn golf in a social environment through the club’s various programs including Women’s Golf School and Couples Twilight Golf. These programs are designed for all levels of players, including beginners. A 1:5 instructor-student ratio allows for personalized attention. The courses cover all aspects of the game, providing an opportunity for women to have a planned practice session on a weekly basis, as well as on-course playing opportunities. It makes a family foursome a lot more fun, especially when Mom beats Dad, and son and daughter beat them both!

In our harried society, family activities can easily become marginalized with everyone doing their own thing. Then we wonder why our son or daughter pulls further away or even shuts us out. Several hours of golfing together may not be an instant cure-all, but it can’t hurt, and allows for time together having fun and friendly competition. We should all have a fond memory of an eagle putt or even a hole in one….or if things don’t go so well, getting soaked in a water hazard. Conversation that may have been hard to come by begins to come back to life.

The programs mentioned above for juniors and women are available to North Ranch Country Club members and their guests. Visit for details or call 805.496.1995.