Affirmative Escrow: Real Estate Expertise & Service 1

Meet Affirmative Escrow Manager Brynne DesMarteau-Bradbrook, in this Q&A about Affirmative and its mission.

What services does Affirmative Escrow provide?

Commercial and residential resale and refinance escrow services, including bank-owned properties, corporate employee relocation, short sale and 1031 tax-deferred exchange transactions.

How long has Affirmative Escrow been in business?

For 15 years, since May 2001. We have received very favorable feedback from the real estate public. The majority of our business is from repeat customers and referrals, both of which we consider the greatest compliment! Just this past year, we changed our license and now operate as an Independent Escrow Company, licensed by the Department of Business Oversight. This has allowed us to broaden our customer base and work with any realtor, buyer or seller.

How does Affirmative Escrow benefit clients?

We concentrate on customer service and communication, processing transactions with state-of-the-art escrow-specific software with a focus on privacy and security of personal information. We incorporate secured banking with layered approval procedures for additional protection. Parties are updated on the transaction via an automated notification system which keeps everyone in the know at all times. Affirmative Escrow goes the extra mile. We pride ourselves on troubleshooting any situation ASAP and keeping an eye on the entire transaction while proactively communicating with realtors.

Who are the staff members?

Our staff of nine escrow professionals has over 130 years of combined experience! Each staff member has been hand-picked through an extensive screening process. We hire by referral only and require a full background check and personal references. Each individual brings a unique skill set to the company. Staff members are cross-trained, allowing us to maintain our consistent high level of service and expertise. Proper staffing allows time for closer review of documentation and mitigation of potential complications in today’s complex transactions.

What is involved in a typical escrow process?

Escrow requires a substantial amount of detailed work. Every document presented to escrow requires review and processing. The purchase contract is reviewed and our file and escrow software system is set up based on the contract’s unique details. A processing game plan is prepared and the file is calendared for specific events and follow-up. Escrow requests, reviews and distributes the preliminary title report, which requires researching and obtaining documents to clear items so that a clear Policy of Title Insurance can be issued. At some point escrow will interact with each and every entity. In addition to direct contact with the buyer, seller and real estate agents, we coordinate directly with the buyer’s lender, homeowner’s insurance agent, home warranty company, zone disclosure company, title company, seller’s existing lender, homeowner’s association and local City Building Records offices. Escrow is responsible for handling all funds and documents and for the delivery of the documents for recording and ultimately the disbursement of all funds and final accounting of the entire transaction. As a result of our stringent hiring requirements, our escrow personnel are knowledgeable about the functions of all of the aforementioned entities and able to communicate effectively with all parties.

Who is Brynne DesMarteau-

With 30 years in the escrow industry, I am a member of the American, California and Ventura County Escrow Associations. ​I am the proud mother of a son who will enter college next year. As an 18-year resident of Thousand Oaks, I am active in the community. I have volunteered for the Westlake High School Music Boosters for four years as the VP of Activity Fundraising. I have enjoyed co-managing their largest fundraiser, the WHSIMB Food Truck festival. I am a supporter of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and participate in an annual fundraiser in Northern California. I am truly fortunate to love what I do for a living.

What makes Affirmative 
Escrow special?

First and foremost, we care about every detail of the job that we are entrusted with! It matters to us that each escrow closes on time, as agreed. We take tremendous pride in the process and enjoy celebrating with clients as they close escrow. I personally bring 30 years of active experience to the table and spend the majority of my day consulting with clients, agents and staff. Affirmative Escrow is often instrumental in troubleshooting unusual or unexpected circumstances and successfully resolving the situation. We see ourselves as an invaluable source of information and experience, capable of extraordinary results.

Affirmative Escrow is located at 2860 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Ste. 200 in Thousand Oaks. Learn more at or call 805.496-7254.