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Introducing a New Residential Mortgage Program!

Montecito Bank & Trust (MB&T) opened its doors March 17, 1975, with the mission of making the communities it serves better places to live and work. For over four decades, the talented men and women of the institution have dedicated themselves to both helping their customers with their financial needs and investing in their communities in a variety of ways.

Today, MB&T has grown to include 10 branches throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties with over 200 banking associates, making it the largest locally-owned, community bank in the area. Its growth has been spurred through innovation, technology and personalized customer service.

MB&T has continuously invested in ways to make its banking and financial management experience better for its customers. An impressive array of its programs includes business, personal, and nonprofit financing, online and mobile banking, wealth management, investment opportunities and trust and estate planning, but one element was missing from its portfolio of services . . . residential mortgage banking.

As of March 1, 2016, just days before its 41st birthday, MB&T celebrated with the introduction of a new mortgage banking department. The mortgage offering is designed to complement and integrate with the bank’s many other products and services to provide a comprehensive portfolio of financial services under one roof.

“We have assembled a team of seasoned professionals to handle our mortgage business, including loan officers, underwriters and processors,” says Jeff Paul, MB&T’s executive vice president and director of retail and commercial banking. “Many of these talented people have 15 and 30 years of experience, so we are able to launch this business at a dead run. We do it all in-house and our customers are applauding the welcomed addition of these services.”

The locally-based mortgage team can provide loans up to five million dollars on both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages. They can also handle owner-occupied and investment property transactions, home purchase, refinancing and cash outs.

“We see mortgage banking as an integral part of our overall client services designed to meet our customers’ financial needs, whatever they may be and whenever they require them,” explains Carol Taylor, MB&T’s vice president residential mortgage manager. “We view this new service as a means of building stronger client relationships that will last far beyond the buying or selling of property.

“We believe we are in a great position in terms of our size, expertise and resources to do it all for our clients. We serve all elements of our communities with a personal touch, whether our client is a first time, entry-level homebuyer or someone ready to move up to an estate-type property,” says Taylor.

“On a regular basis, all business platforms within our company get together to go over our strategic plans and results to ensure we’re on track and meeting our clients’ needs,” adds Paul. “Moreover, we look to share expertise and find new ways to integrate our programs to benefit our clients. This has always been our philosophy and we have continued to grow because we understand that we will do well if our customers do well.”

Providing customers with a full range of financial services is only part of what MB&T does and helps define its role as a corporate citizen. The bank is also actively involved in the communities and giving back to make them better places to live and work.

“We are pleased to contribute to strengthening our communities,” says Paul. “This is a fundamental part of our mission. Our entire culture is family-like and that sense of caring and values trickles down to our customer base and how we relate to them.”

Montecito Bank & Trust has a long history of philanthropy and community involvement. Its well-known Community Dividends® program has already awarded $13 million to local nonprofits. And MB&T’s equally recognized Anniversary Grants® program enables the bank’s associates to nominate and vote for local charities to be granted thousands of dollars every year.

From opening the first checking account to securing an IRA to buying up to a larger home, MB&T is more than capable. The addition of the new mortgage program completes and makes full the circle of services to benefit MB&T’s clients at all stages of their lives.

For more information on Montecito Bank & Trust’s new residential mortgage program and any of its many other services, call 805.963.7511 or visit