Wonder Women & Shining Stars

Growing up in the 1970’s, I was taught women could do anything… in fact, I could even be the first female president, according to my enthusiastic father, who had two daughters he empowered to be as strong and capable as the son he never had.

It’s hard to believe, despite the decades of efforts by women leading the fight for equality and equal rights, that even when I was born in 1970, women could be fired from their job for being pregnant (until 1978), could not run in the Boston Marathon (until 1972) and could not get a credit card (until 1974)!

Yes, we’ve definitely come a long way, baby! I feel very fortunate to live in a time when opportunities for women have crashed through the glass ceiling to reach heights never before attained… no more are women relegated to being just wives and mothers, or perhaps nurses, secretaries or teachers. Today, women do anything they set their mind to. One of my favorite sayings that I have passed on to my own daughter (and son, no discrimination here!) is “Shoot for the moon… even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!”

We think you’ll agree that the incredible women featured in this issue are all stars, who will surely inspire you to follow your passion and achieve your loftiest goals as you read about their impressive accomplishments, life lessons and sage advice. The month of May, during which we set aside a special day to honor our wonderful mothers, is the perfect time to spotlight the many wonder women in our community who are making a difference using their skills, talents, energy and smarts. We honor them, along with all of the women advertisers and entrepreneurs, comprising doctors, lawyers, realtors, trainers and businesswomen who make up the Conejo Valley Lifestyle family, and women everywhere who strive to be their best while still making the time to be loving mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, best friends and community leaders. These strong role models serve as beacons to the world around them, brightly lighting the way to success on whatever path a women chooses to take, even the road to the White House. And not to worry, boys, the First Man will have his day too, sooner or later.

The sky’s the limit, ladies… Keep Shining & Happy Mother’s Day!

With Reverence,