Dads are just Grown Up Sons 6

Mothers, Remember that Our Sons Grow Up to Be Fathers

The men we love play such an important role in our lives. I have been so fortunate to have my dad as one of my best friends. Growing up he was always there for me to talk to, and he always has the best advice and so many stories to tell. I still use his lessons every day. I use them so often that they have come full circle, and I find myself giving his advice back to him.

My dad always gave me strength to carry on and accomplish my dreams and goals. When times get tough, which they certainly have, my dad reminds me to “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on.” My dad also taught me that if you don’t know or understand something, you can go and get help from an expert in whatever industry you are pursuing. In our family circle, my dad is the one who is full of fun, feeling that life was too serious and that you needed to find laughter in something, if not everything. When it started raining, my dad would take us for ice cream. We had a lot of fun.

We would be in the middle of having dinner, and he would make us laugh so much! He would take his hand and pretend to “catch” our laughs and keep them in a cup. We could only let our laughter out again once he uncovered the cup… and when he did, we roared even louder. It is funny, the things in life that we remember.

What things do you remember from your fathers, grandfathers or other male figures that you have looked up to in your life? Do you have sons? It is important to remember that our sons are most likely going to grow up to be dads. Are you raising them to be good fathers?

I am blessed with two sons with completely different personalities, both amazing in their own ways. One day, when they are fathers, I hope they carry with them the good values given to them by their father and their upbringing. I also have two wonderful son-in-laws, and I am blessed by the way they father my grandchildren and cherish my daughters.

I believe we are all leaders in our families. If you are just starting out or are finished with your parenting, please realize what an important role you have in leading by example. Our children are watching and learning. One day you will be able to see how your life experiences shaped your children. I’m grateful for the experiences my dad has given me and I look forward to the ways in which my husband and sons will continue to share positive experiences like mine with their own children.

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