Get Healthy and Stay Healthy 1

The Bay Club’s Daniel Glavey

When I visited with Daniel Glavey, a very experienced and qualified personal trainer at the Bay Club in Thousand Oaks, we planned to discuss how a trainer works with men over the age of 50. Daniel is a trainer certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

He works with men who in most cases are out of shape, not just in appearance but in overall conditioning—loss of muscle, abdominal fat, poor flexibility—basically middle-aged men on the verge of aging too early. I told Daniel that when I write an article it usually starts off with my own experience. In this case it went back more than 10 years to the time I decided, entirely on my own, that if I did not do something about my conditioning I would pay the consequences. The guy I just described was me.

Daniel meets clients like me all the time. In fact, we are his specialty. One of his biggest challenges in working with men is their attitude. Trying to do too much too quickly. Wanting to build strength and lose weight with no understanding of how to really get started. He begins by asking some very basic questions and plans their program based on their answers with a goal of developing what he calls “patterns” that lead to a change in lifestyle. So essentially it’s not about how much weight you lift or how long you work out. It is as much about what you do when you leave the gym as when you are there with Daniel.

Eating healthy, standing instead of just sitting, making slow changes rather than “instant gratification,” and acknowledging pre-existing injuries and working around them are keys to getting healthy. Goals are set and your health history analyzed, including weight gain and weight loss history. The questions are personal and if clients want to achieve change and do so safely, they need to be ready to share.

Not only do his client set goals, Daniel sets goals for them as well, some of which he does not even divulge. The goals involve everything from improved balance and strength to weight loss. His clients learn that fat loss is 80% diet and 20% increasing their metabolism through activities that increase strength and cardio health. I was surprised to learn that weight loss is achieved only about 5% through cardio workouts. So an hour on the treadmill is overrated, and for me, boring as well. I was glad to learn this; less time on the treadmill and more time doing an effective activity. For me, it’s the rope climber machine. Daniel encourages standing positions during a workout and this machine lets me do it either way.

I observed Daniel when he was working with a client. The focus was on lighter patterns, increasing flexibility and repetition. Plenty of “active” stretching with a lot of motion, balance work (stepping over the Big Dog), heel-to-toe strides, really basic things you can also practice at home.

Listen to me, all of my age 50+ male friends, boomers and seniors alike: Working with a professional like Daniel Glavey can put off or mitigate the onset of many age- and habit-related ailments, from diabetes, heart problems, falling, high blood pressure and bone density loss (men get this as well as women), to name just a few. So get off your fanny and get to a gym! Get healthy and stay healthy!