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Thrive Dance Center

Back to school is always an exciting time for students making new friends, meeting new teachers and developing new interests. With so many benefits to be gained from afterschool activities, now is the perfect time to try new activities to have fun and build confidence.

As dance educators, we have a strong passion for dance but are even more focused on helping to raise talented, creative and generous human beings. Dance teaches students valuable life skills while they’re having tons of fun.

Dancers learn the value of teamwork, respect and responsibility through working together as a class. They learn to support one another, pick each other up and do their part for the success of the group. They understand that their performance in class and on stage affects the whole team. They embrace that responsibility and rise to the occasion. It’s a beautiful thing to watch when a child of any age really brings their 100% best for themselves but also for their class or teammates. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences as a teacher.

“My friends at the studio are like family,” says Olivia Schroeder, a student at Newbury Park High School.

Benefits of Dance

Dancers gain confidence and learn to be courageous. Through dance, students continuously learn new skills and techniques. Naturally, children who are in dance classes are more coordinated and less inhibited physically. Typically they become more comfortable speaking in public and addressing groups and tend to have more courage presenting new ideas. Dance is very expressive. If students are inspired and creativity is encouraged, they become more confident in themselves and their ideas.

“It is so inspiring to watch our students put themselves out there. So brave and wonderful,” says Thrive Dance Center instructor Savannah Hooks.

As dance teachers, we get to witness firsthand the emotional journey of our students, which leads them to become who they are meant to be.

Students develop excellent time-management skills and a strong work ethic while experiencing the rewards that come from being dedicated to something. In order for any child to pursue something like dance, they must carve out time that will be dedicated to learning, practicing and executing, or in our case, performing! On any given day at Thrive Dance Center, you will see kids of all ages utilizing our homework counter and student room for homework. Balancing school with any outside activity requires focus, practice, organization and dedication. This type of behavior pays off immensely in a college or job setting.

“I danced about 15 hours per week, got all A’s in AP classes at school and I am going into Bio Technology research at UCSB,” says UCSB freshman Olivia Simon. “When I dance, I feel free. I just had to figure out how to make it all work. I wouldn’t be as successful in school if I didn’t have dance as an outlet,” she adds.

Dance is a unique art form where your body is the instrument and the physical benefits are numerous: balance, flexibility, stamina and coordination, physical exercise and stress relief.

“We sweat, work hard and have a great time,” says Justin Epstein, 19, a USC Dance major. “When I’m dancing, I leave the outside world behind. It’s just fun and awesome.”

Physical activity is imperative for the well-being of children. Whether hip hop, tap, ballet or break dancing, you are moving, expressing, working out and fully exercising your body, mind and soul.

And dance is not just for kids. Thrive Dance Center offers adult classes on a weekly basis. Dance is a lifetime sport—it’s ageless.

At Thrive, some of our dancers are with us a few years, while others are with us their entire childhood. Many of our dancers earn college scholarships through dance and go on to dance professionally, eventually becoming teachers/choreographers. Many of our dancers go on to pursue law, nursing, and teaching. We just feel fortunate to play a part in their development and to share our passion for dance. We are grateful for our local Thrive Dance Center family and always look forward to each dance season. We fully embrace the opportunity to serve our community through dance and outreach programs. We hope you find a place for your kids to grow, learn and Thrive.

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