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Silver Star Mercedes-Benz

Silver Star Mercedes-Benz can be seen prominently as you drive by Thousand Oaks Auto Mall on the 101. Conejo Valley Lifestyle got the opportunity to take a look inside the dealership.

Silver Star Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1983 by Mr. John Edward Anderson, after whom the UCLA Anderson School of Management is named. By applying his trademark brand of high ethics and business acumen, Anderson and his family subsequently grew the cornerstone Mercedes-Benz dealership into a 10-dealership network (Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Acura, Lexus, Honda, Buick/GMC, Jaguar and Range Rover), in the highly regarded Thousand Oaks Auto Mall.

“The Mercedes-Benz brand has always sold itself,” said Scott Stanley, General Manager of Silver Star A.G. since 2011. “It’s always been up to us to make sure the service we deliver our customers is up to the standards they expect from the brand. While we’ll never stop working to improve, we’ve come a long way.”

Scott, whose glass office is located in the lower front corner of the dealership, has an open door to all. Scott sees his primary job as a lifelong student dedicated to carrying the vision of John Anderson into the future by surrounding himself with a team of top management and staff who will then deliver superior service to the customer. That kind of inspiration has resulted in a team of employees who are dedicated to working together. This results in cooperation between employees that manifests itself in the kind of longevity any business would strive for.

For example, Master Certified Service Advisor Greg Stryker has been with the dealership for more than 26 years. Greg’s empathetic and familial banter with his clients makes dealing with Mercedes-Benz service issues almost a pleasure. The dealership is committed to getting “10 out of 10” on its customer ratings for every interaction. Personal relationships that can only come through employee teamwork and longevity are the secret sauce behind such results.

Ben Criscuolo, the newest member of the Silver Star team, came on board as the Service Director. He brings more than 20 years of experience in the service segment of the automotive industry. During his tenure at other Mercedes-Benz dealerships, he created a culture of Technicians and Service Advisors that have received no less than 25 Service Laureate Awards, portraying the highest levels of excellence Silver Star customers can expect.

“When I met Scott Stanley and the management team at Silver Star, I knew there was a home for me here,” says Ben. “The dealership was already committed to delivering world-class service and challenged me to take it further.”

The Mercedes-Benz certified designation at Silver Star Mercedes-Benz is hard earned but often taken for granted. It means that the service technician, salesperson and/or manager went through rigorous training for up to five years to meet standards designed to ensure consistency and quality for the brand. It means the individual possesses the superior training and knowledge required to deliver on the Mercedes-Benz promise, “The best or nothing.”

Silver Star’s commitment to service and maintenance of its customers’ vehicles includes employing more than 17 certified technicians with more than 200 years of combined experience. No matter what Mercedes vehicle you drive, classic to contemporary, sport coupe to sedan, SUV or the latest Sprinter selection of commercial vehicles, when you take your car to the Certified Service Center at Silver Star, you can be sure that all the mechanics are factory-trained and well versed in the most cutting-edge auto repair methods and are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certified. With this kind of training, you’ll never have to worry that your mechanic doesn’t know your vehicle. You can feel assured that you’re receiving the best possible service.

While waiting for your own Certified Service experience, which can often be done through Silver Star’s Premier Express Service program without an appointment, Saturdays included, you can enjoy a great barista machine and “coffee up,” read and relax in a nicely appointed lounge. Silver Star Mercedes-Benz is also well equipped to deal with services that take longer. There are more than 120 fresh loaner cars that are later rotated out for sale at excellent discounts.

Give the Silver Star Service team the opportunity to earn your “10 out of 10” rating. Schedule your Mercedes-Benz service online at or call 805.371.5435.

Silver Star A.G. is located at 3905 Auto Mall Drive in Thousand Oaks.