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Heaven-Sent Pet Care

As animal lovers know, there is nothing quite like the human-animal bond. The unconditional love between people and pets enhances and affirms our lives, so keeping your precious pets healthy is a top priority.

Dogs, cats and exotics of all kinds, from tortoises to macaws, visit the team at Veterinary Angels Medical Center for top-notch care. Founder Darlene Hernandez Geekie, RVT, founded Veterinary Angels Medical Center, driven by her love of animals.

Called a “true angel of animal care,” Darlene has a passion for animals that is reflected in the compassionate care she provides. Her dedication and loving care has landed her and her staff among the “Top 10 Vet and Animal Care Experts” in the area.

“Our patients become family,” says Darlene. “We treat many different kinds of animals, and there is no better feeling than saving an animal’s life.”

Darlene began her veterinary career in 1996, earning her RVT certificate in 2001, with a special interest in Dentistry and Anesthesia. Building on her passion for exotic animals, Darlene became a licensed falconer and an expert in exotic animal nursing.

She gained valuable career experience owning and managing a veterinary clinic, serving as a consultant and project manager for a nonprofit feral cat program, being part of the main veterinary staff at the Monterey Zoo, and sharing knowledge as a clinical trainer and educator.

“At Veterinary Angels, we are a team, and we work together to meet our goal of patient wellness,” says Darlene, who has hand-picked her staff to ensure all patients receive the best care.

Her team includes Gary Latos, DVM, a veterinarian for 37 years, who is well known for his compassionate nature, excellent care of exotics, amazing surgical skills, as well as for his work with nonprofits, including the Apex Protection Project, FixNation, The Nature of Wildworks, Animal Tracks and more. He has always had a special interest in emergency medicine, endocrinology and cardiology.

Lisa Done, MPVM, who is currently board-qualified to sit for the exams for the American College of Zoo Medicine, joined the Veterinary Angels Medical Center family in July 2015, and has a special passion for treating exotic creatures, thanks to her varied animal-care background.

“The more challenging the case, the better,” says Lisa.

Rounding out the team of caring professionals are Debra Voulgaris, DVM, certified in veterinary acupuncture and thermography, and Jack Henry, DVM, a well-known board-certified orthopedic and reconstructive surgeon.

The staff’s compassion, skills and experience set Veterinary Angels Medical Center world’s above other practices.

“We all genuinely care about the pets and their owners,” says Darlene. “We don’t see caring for animals as just a 9-5 job; we do whatever it takes to help an animal.”

Darlene and her staff provide comprehensive pet care services at their 4,000-square-foot location, which also houses a pet supply center and an impressive 501(c)3 nonprofit, known as “The Little Angels Project.”

“The Little Angels Project was created to help animals in need and give back to community rescues,” says Darlene. The organization is active in the community and will be participating in this month’s walk for rescues event at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

“Veterinary Angels is just as their name implies,” says client Michelle W. “They are compassionate, caring and dedicated to all creatures great and small. You can be assured knowing you are in the best hands possible and that these are caring people, not just driven by the dollar. They do a lot of charity work and work closely with shelters and wildlife centers, and they are truly ANGELS in every sense of the word,” she adds.

Veterinary Angels Medical Center offers new clients a 50% discount on consultations.

Contact them at 818.865.1800 or visit for more information. Veterinary Angels Medical Center is located at 29348 Roadside Drive in Agoura Hills.