Brent’s Deli: Catering to Hanukkah Celebrations 1

Beginning at sunset on Dec. 24 this year and lasting for eight days until the evening of Jan. 1, Hanukkah is a time to celebrate the Jewish faith and take part in age-old traditions. Lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel and eating fried foods to celebrate the miracle of the oil are mainstays of this Jewish festival of lights.

Among the traditional Hanukkah fare are potato latkes—pancakes made with potatoes and onions and fried in oil—and sufganiyot—jelly-filled donuts fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. These holiday favorites are just a couple of the traditional items served up with style for Hanukkah at Brent’s Deli in Westlake Village.

Brent’s special Hanukkah catering menu includes complete meals prepared for easy heating at home as well as a la carte items to customize your choices.

Complete meals offered on the catering menu include traditional foods served at Hanukkah:

  • Chopped liver
  • Chicken soup with matzo balls
  • Choice of brisket of beef/au jus or one-half roasted chicken
  • Potato latkes with cherry applesauce and sour cream
  • String bean almondine
  • Choice of egg or rye bread.

These items and more, including noodle kugel and assorted fancy Hanukkah cookies, are also available by the piece. Stop by for some Hanukkah specialties at Brent’s Deli or call ahead for catering services, so you can relax and enjoy the holiday festivities.

Brent’s Deli is located at 2799 Townsgate Road in Westlake Village. Call them at 805.557.1882 or visit for more information.