Support & Rally

As I write this message just two weeks short of election day, I think we can all agree that this has been the most divisive and bitter election season any of us can remember. Being kind of a history wonk, I reviewed presidential election campaigns throughout our nation’s history—both those I have lived through and remember and the ones I can only read about. The closest comparison I can make to this year’s election is the build-up of events leading to the Civil War.

As you read this in December, it’s the holiday season and the election is over. I must assume, regardless of the outcome, that we’re still standing. If there ever was a time for “Peace on Earth and good will towards men,” it’s now… the perfect time to heal and come together as a family, a community and a country. There is so much good right here in our community and this is the perfect time to rediscover and celebrate it.

When Robin and I started Conejo Valley Lifestyle, our goal was to craft an editorial message that was truly about the community, which is why we focus on giving back, family, education and health rather than bling, glitz and materialism. With the election behind us, we can look forward to concentrating on what’s right in our world and coming together to fix what needs improvement.

Enjoy Christmas and especially its message of peace. Revel in the holiday of lights, Chanukah, and spend time with family and loved ones. Robin and I have seven grandchildren between us. Starting now, let’s make their world a better place.