Making the Most of Today 2

We all go through difficult times in our lives, so don’t ever feel alone in your troubles. If you are reading this right now, it means that you have woken up to another chance to what we all call life and a chance to clean your slate.

What are you going to do differently today to make it better? That is the question on the table. Take a moment to choose your path for today’s present. Gifts don’t always have to be monetary. In fact, sharing positive thoughts and gratitude during the holidays and throughout the entire year is the most amazing gift you can give yourself or anyone else. The effects of doing so can have a tangible outcome on our well-being by sharing happiness in stressful times. Simple handmade gifts are another form of gift giving. Think candles, favorite recipes or anything you can create. Share these gifts with everyone, as we all have a God-given gift that we have been blessed with, and others will appreciate your original and personal ideas.

I saved the best and probably the most meaningful idea for last: Giving your time is still by far the best gift you can ever give anyone, especially your family. Making memories is something we can never replace. It is important for you not to leave any regrets on the table and to celebrate the people in your life while not forgetting the life we have been given.

After someone in our lives passes away, we tend to celebrate their life in that moment. I think this idea is all wrong because we should be celebrating when these important people in our lives are still here with us. Buy flowers and cards for the people that you love, even when there isn’t a holiday to celebrate. Some of us are out there waiting for an invitation to live. We all need to realize that we don’t need an invitation to do anything in life. Live outside your box and enjoy the people that are with you on your journey. Explore where they are going and believe that they are the angels on the trails in your journey of life. Inquire what they do, and hear their story in order to embrace new gifts from everyone.

This world is an amazing place, so open your life to all of the possibilities and dreams that are available to you. Always celebrate everyday, not just when it’s a holiday, because you are alive and well, and you are worth it.

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