Batter Up!

Well, it’s finally 2017! Taking into consideration what an uproarious year just passed, maybe we should just thank our lucky stars we made it through to a new year and leave it at that.

Since I am the classic “eternal optimist,” I have decided to do better than that and “Look for the Silver Lining” as the old standard song suggests. Of course, researchers in the U.K. suggest that optimists like me simply have a malfunctioning frontal lobe. Maybe that’s why I’ve been known to throw good money after bad in Las Vegas. You’d think all those free room and gourmet dining offers from Caesars Palace would have clued me in.

Instead, how about if you lose some weight and keep it off, eat better and healthier, join a gym and actually go there at least four times a week, get a better job if you hate the one you have, take genuine self-improvement classes, or start the new business you have been dreaming about? I could go on and on, but my point is now is a great time to fish and not cut bait. When Robin and I started Conejo Valley Lifestyle, we were at a crossroads. Frankly, I was starting to be “aged out” of jobs and consulting assignments I was very well-qualified for. Age discrimination? Heck yes! But complaining about it or giving up led nowhere. It was a new year then and being an “eternal optimist,” Robin and I started a new community magazine in a very crowded and competitive market. Almost two years later, as another song goes, “I’m Still Here.”

So I urge you to try something new and positive to better yourself and improve your situation. If the Chicago Cubs can come from behind, 3 games to 1, and finally win a World Series, just imagine what you can do in 2017! Batter up!