BodyRestoration Chiropractic Takes a Holistic Approach to Wellness 2

Good health is widely recognized as one of your most valuable assets. While insurance is helpful when things go wrong, it’s the healthy choices you make every day that help prevent and reduce the risk of disease. Protecting your health starts with proactive wellness care that includes regular exercise, a natural foods-based diet and physical care to protect the neuromusculoskeletal system.

At BodyRestoration Chiropractic, we recognize the value of making these services accessible in one convenient location. Located just off the 101 Freeway at Wendy Drive in the Songbird Business Plaza, BodyRestoration networks with several other esteemed health care providers in the area. Our clean and modern, ADA-accessible office building with ample parking offers easy access to the wellness center. Offering a variety of services, BodyRestoration is pioneering the combination of holistic care and fitness in a multi-disciplinary Wellness Center.

Our professional staff includes Kristin Beierle, Doctor of Chiropractic, and recipient of the Palmer Chiropractic College Clinical Excellence Award in 2012, who established her vision of wellness with BodyRestoration in 2015. Specializing in chiropractic care for the whole family, Dr. Kristin tailors patient treatment plans to address their unique and specific needs.

Becky Castaño, Licensed Acupuncturist, with a Diplomat in Oriental Medicine, joins Dr. Kristin. Treating the whole family with a variety of acupuncture modalities, Becky specializes in pregnancy and prenatal care.

A team of excellent massage therapists, skilled in a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, serve clients in the wellness center under the guidance of Dr. Kristin. While not all massage clients are receiving chiropractic care, Dr. Kristin offers her expertise in guiding the massage therapists to maximize the therapeutic benefits of each treatment.

Consistent with our vision of wellness, we use our combined knowledge to create a well-rounded apothecary of responsibly sourced, whole food-based supplements and herbs to complement treatment of patients’ individual needs. We have also designed a therapy center offering vibration plate technology for fitness and rehab as well as a Ceragem infrared-heated, jade-roller massage table which can be individually accessed or used to enhance ongoing care.

In addition to these wellness services, BodyRestoration offers the patented LaGree Fitness method using the Megaformer, a revolutionary piece of fitness equipment that combines low-impact movements designed to target and stimulate the muscles for an efficient, 45-minute, invigorating, fat-burning workout. The Megaformer is the perfect companion to a holistic approach to the wellness options offered at BodyRestoration because it targets the intrinsic core muscles to help achieve optimal musculoskeletal health and improve posture and balance. The workout is challenging, and our limited class size affords our highly skilled trainers the opportunity to ensure proper form and a supportive vibe and the energizing music encourages you to maximize the benefits of the Megaformer workout.

Showing up is sometimes the hardest part of making positive change, but we have created a community to help support you. Come get sweaty with us and see what health goals we can help you reach.

Classes and appointments are easy to book using the online forum at or through the MindBody App on your smartphone. We can also be contacted at 805.870.5271. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and studio happenings.

BodyRestoration Chiropractic is located at 3307 Old Conejo Road in Newbury Park.