“Laughter is the Best Medicine” 2

Sometimes in our lives we forget that we have our own healing powers. If we can all remember to take life a little easier every day, we can utilize these healing powers. Try using your laughter as vitamins like some of us take our prescribed medicines.

Imagine that every time you laugh you get healthier, and that it is always best to laugh your way to success. I remember my aunt used to tell me when we went through rough times to take a “So What?” pill. I’ve learned that sometimes we should learn to let certain situations go and move on in a positive direction. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the serious situations that might be life altering in our lives.

When life gets tough, look the problem in the face so you can deal with it right then and there, and then immediately look for the next place you can find happiness and laughter in your life. Here are some great rituals to add to your New Year regimen:

  • Create a self-love, turn off and unplug.
  • Close your eyes and look inside.
  • Build a support team. We all need help to be able to delegate more, and that comes with being able to trust others.
  • Clean the things that are not serving you out of your closet and your life. The more blocks we can clear, the more we can live big.
  • Don’t chase what has already happened.

I tell everyone to try new things, but you should remember to also keep doing the things that you are good at because it helps to make the best version of you. Learn where your happy place is that brings you to your Zen, and learn to connect with yourself. When you truly love yourself, you can truly love others as well. Bring on the New Year by being your own best friend, and sticking to me, myself and I.

I would like to share a meaningful saying my grandmother handed down to my mother: “You squander health in search of wealth, you toil and scheme and save. You squander wealth in search of health and only find the grave. Learn to honor your health, because without that we have nothing.”

Wishing you all the best New Year with lots of success, good health and happiness!

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