Lighten Up & Lose Inches with Westlake Body Contouring

Lose Fat at the Speed of Light

What better way to learn about a service than trying it out firsthand? That’s what I thought when I agreed to Dr. Dianne Lalena Sandberg’s suggestion to experience a session before writing about Westlake Body Contouring.

I mean, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to lose inches using a 100% all-natural, noninvasive fat reduction device? The Contour Light used at Westlake Body Contouring employs 635 NM LED light therapy to sculpt your body and eliminate subcutaneous fat. Although I was definitely intrigued and interested in losing fat and inches without working up a sweat for hours, I was also a bit hesitant—if not somewhat fearful—about the procedure.

Thankfully, Dr. Dianne thoroughly answered all my questions about the technology and what to expect during the procedure. Her knowledge, experience and expertise in the field reassured me that I was in good hands and in for a real treat. Our conversation covered the following:

Q. How does it work?

A. The Contour Light was originally researched by NASA to heal wounds before it was discovered that the technology also liquefies fat and opens fat cells, allowing fat to exit and shrink the cells. Fat burning is accelerated, metabolism speeds up and fat is flushed through the lymphatic system into the liver to be broken down and eliminated from the body. In addition, collagen and elastin are increased, tightening skin and creating a slimmer appearance.

Q. Will it hurt? (This was my main concern!)

A. In preparation for the light treatment, soft lightweight pads embedded with hundreds of LED lights are positioned on top and under the areas being treated. Once positioned, you simply lay down on a comfortable bed listening to soothing music with the lights low for about 25 minutes. I honestly drifted off… the opposite of hurt, this was pure bliss and relaxation time.

Q. Is there any down time or side effects?

A. There were no side effects from the light; the only side effect I felt was a little itching after a 10-minute session standing on a vibrating plate designed to shake the liquefied fat into the lymphatic system following the relaxing light treatment. Thankfully, the itching didn’t last long at all, but the fat-burning effects can continue for hours after the treatment.

Q. How many inches will I lose?

A. This varies by individual, with the basic idea that the more inches you have to lose, the more you can expect to lose during each session. In my case, I lost 6 inches total throughout the body. Not bad for relaxing on a bed and basically napping for 25 minutes! Dr. Dianne explains that treatments are customized based on an individual’s goals. Professional athletes, body builders, those with inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and anybody wanting to lose inches and tighten their skin benefit from the treatment.

Q. Are the results instant?

A. Yes! You’re measured pre- and post-treatment, so you can see the results right away. Dr. Dianne says many clients report continued results, even hours after the treatment.

Q. How does Westlake Body Contouring stand apart from other businesses?

A. Using the only device on the market that can actually treat large surface areas on the body, Westlake Body Contouring’s patented reflective coating on the pads increases the light energy and redirects it back into the tissue 10x more than any device on the market. No other device on the market has this capability or power.

With a background as a professional dancer and a chiropractor, Dr. Dianne was so excited about using this NASA-researched technology to help people, she decided to come out of retirement and open Westlake Body Contouring. Since initially opening the business, she has expanded and provided the opportunity for hundreds of people to experience the life-changing body-sculpting technology.

“I enjoy seeing the look on my patients’ faces when they have just lost 3-6 inches on their first treatment,” says Dr. Dianne. “Finally, they see instant gratification and it’s a fabulous kick start for them.”

To learn more, call 818.852.7352 or visit Westlake Body Contouring is located in the Mediterranea 1 Building, 30423 Canwood Street, Suite #205, in Agoura Hills.