Snow Orthodontics’ Dr. Sharon Crowder: Spreading Smiles

Walking into Snow Orthodontics’ Agoura Hills office reveals a smiling, friendly staff in a warm and inviting environment. The relaxing tone of Snow Orthodontics mirrors lead orthodontist Dr. Sharon Crowder herself, whose caring and confident demeanor puts patients instantly at ease. And it doesn’t take long to note that Dr. Crowder’s genuine kindness extends beyond the office to the community in which she lives and interacts with many of her patients.

“I like to say I have thousands of children,” laughs Dr. Crowder, who has treated patients from 4 to 92 years old during her 30 years as an orthodontist in the communities of Oak Park and Agoura Hills. Getting to know her patients is one of the aspects she enjoys most about being an orthodontist, she says.

“I get to see people every month, so we naturally form stronger bonds,” explains Dr. Crowder. “I still run into people I’ve known for 20 years,” she adds, smiling and calling goodbye to a young teen leaving the office after her appointment. “See you Sunday,” she says.

The mutual affection is obvious as patient and doctor exchange words about their weekend. “Doing something that makes people happy” and “getting positive results,” in addition to forming relationships with patients, are the most rewarding parts of her career, she says.

“It’s a fit with my personality,” says Dr. Crowder, who credits her mother, a schoolteacher in her hometown of Meadow Bridge, West Virginia (pop. 439), for encouraging her to pursue her dreams and become an orthodontist. “’You can do and you can be anything you want to be,’ my mom used to say to me,” recalls Dr. Crowder, who was one of just two women in a class of 50 students in dental school at West Virginia University and the fourth female to graduate from UCLA’s orthodontic program.

Today, Dr. Crowder specializes in orthodontics for all ages. Braces for teens and adults, including the popular Invisalign system, TMJ treatment, early interception treatment and advanced orthodontics services are available at Snow Orthodontics, where the experienced team of professionals ensure optimal results and patient comfort.

In Good Hands

With decades of experience as an orthodontist, Dr. Crowder is often approached for a second opinion and loves the challenge of finding the best way to treat an individual’s unique orthodontic issue. Known for her innovative approach to orthodontics, Dr. Crowder understands that improving a person’s smile goes beyond a change in their teeth and can affect their self-esteem, health and lives. Her patients know they are in capable hands under her competent care and expertise.

“I’ve been going to Dr. Crowder for years and will not go anywhere else,” says patient Ron La Grassa. “Dr. Crowder is the best! She was referred to me by several friends. It’s been years since I’ve had my adult braces removed, but I continue go to Snow for all my check-ups/follow-ups. The staff is very professional and efficient too.”

When she’s not helping people put their best smiles forward, Dr. Crowder enjoys golfing and spending time with her husband of 32 years, cooking, shopping, crafting with friends and taking part in church, community and charitable activities, including the nonprofit What Can We animal services organization. In line with her motto to “Be kind” and “Do what you love,” Dr. Crowder serves as a source of inspiration that makes the world a happier place—and that’s surely something to smile about.

For more information about Dr. Crowder and Snow Orthodontics, call 818.706.8081 or visit Snow Orthodontics Agoura Hills’ office is located at 5921 Kanan Road in Agoura Hills.