Pick Your Passion 1

February…the month for Valentines and love—and not just the romantic (seemingly ubiquitous when you’re solo) type. So before writing off this love fest of a month as a sweethearts-only celebration, remember that “Love is a many-splendored thing,” meaning it comes in myriad forms.

Love of family, friends, community, art, music, food and even life itself give us so many reasons to rejoice, regardless of having a significant other. Core to love’s many faces are the passion and care inherent in this heartfelt emotion. Caring so passionately about something or someone can inspire expressions of love that reverberate immeasurable benefits to so many.

So this month we celebrate lovers of all types: lovers of community, like the Eagle Scouts dedicating hundreds of hours to making a lasting contribution to benefit others; lovers of art, such as the Ventura County Arts Council, working to support area art and education programs; lovers of food—both discerning patrons and skilled chefs who serve up sumptuous feasts to satisfy body and soul; lovers of music, including the thousands of students and devoted teachers involved in local high school choirs and bands and the talented musicians who entertain and enrich our lives with their uplifting songs and sounds; and yes, lovers of romance too!

We hope you’ll agree there’s a lot to love about this season of the heart. Consider the many ways you can show your love this month. Whether with a loving partner, family member, cherished friend, beloved pet or on your own, the important thing is to get out there, spread some joy around and love your life!

With Love,