Grooming for Health 10

It’s Pawfect! Pampers Pets

Grooming is essential to your pet’s health, as it prevents matting and discomfort and keeps the skin, coat, nails and ears healthy. Regular baths prevent pollen buildup, a common allergy source, and help avoid skin problems like parasites, ticks, fleas and rashes. In many cases, dogs speak to their owner through their groomers, who often see pets more than veterinarians and may notice changes such as body lumps.

Jonelle Shmoldas and her team at It’s Pawfect! in Agoura Hills understand the important link between health and regular grooming. The official groomer for the Emmy Award-winning show “Lucky Dog,” Jonelle also finds time to care for dogs in need. For the past 20 years, Jonelle and her staff have been grooming dogs at the Agoura Animal Shelter, providing services free of charge for those that don’t have somebody to pay their bill.

She notes that too many dogs end up at the shelter because people often don’t realize the responsibility of owning a pet.

“Getting a puppy that looks cute requires two to six weeks of potty training, which is no different than having a baby in a diaper,” says Jonelle. “Even bringing home a more mature pet requires 15-20 minutes twice a day of training, as it is very important that pets learn the boundaries of your home, and the connections made between you and your pet during this time are huge,” she adds. She stresses the importance of simply spending time with your pet to create a forever relationship and keep untrained dogs from ending up in the shelter due to irresponsible people.

In Good Hands

Drawing from her years of experience working with pets, Jonelle creates a calm environment so pets feel safe when they come for their grooming appointments.

“Dogs feed off our energy,” she explains. “You may notice that your pets try and be closer to you and comfort you when you are sad. When you are angry. they stay a little bit further away and watch you more closely, waiting for the negative energy to change. Having happy energy lets the dog feel they are walking into a fun environment,” adds Jonelle.

In addition to creating an inviting atmosphere for pets, Jonelle safeguards their health by using Mauro Natural Care products, made with the highest grade of natural essential oils, extracts and plant botanicals. Free from dyes, sulfates, parabens and animal byproducts, the products contain essential hemp and argan oils to nourish and support a thicker, healthier, softer beautiful coat.

“During different times of the year when you experience dryer skin, our pets do too, so we make sure to add a little bit of coconut oil to our shampoos for extra moisture,” says Jonelle.

With decades of experience and a genuine love of pets, Jonelle finds great joy in keeping area animals in top shape.

“We feel very blessed to be working in this community for about 20 years. We look forward to many more,” she says.

To make an appointment to pamper and groom your pet, contact It’s Pawfect! at 818.991.3310 or visit It’s Pawfect! is located at 31143 Via Colinas #501 in Westlake Village.