The Cat's Meow 1

Our readers may recall last year’s heartfelt tribute to our beloved cat Tuxedo, better known as Tuxie, in the March issue of Conejo Valley Lifestyle. Although he passed away a year ago in January, his spirit remains in our house…sometimes I see a shadow and think it’s him. But it was time to move on. By April, we were ready to welcome a couple of new companions into our lives.

After watching endless hours of cat programming on Animal Planet, Robin developed an affinity for Birmans, nicknamed “Velcro Cats” for their gentle nature and inclination to rarely leave your side. Unfortunately, legitimate breeders want to be paid $1,000 or more for a kitten and anyway, it would then not be a rescue. Two good reasons to look elsewhere.

As luck would have it, during her research on Birmans, Robin stumbled upon a very questionable breeder. In what amounted to an indoor feral Birman colony, we found a 10-month-old male and a 2-year-old female. Malnourished, suffering from gum problems and patchy coats, questionable shot records, not neutered. Never having been handled properly, they were also very skittish. We were ready to leave when I spotted the female across the room and somehow felt a connection. We made an impulse decision and took them home (having paid only what we would normally pay a shelter). There was much work to be done. We felt that the female would not have lived another 6 months. The folks at Veterinary Angels have helped us immeasurably in their transformation to good health.

Here we are a year later. Cameo is very smart, very sweet. She has also gained over 2 pounds and is no longer a sorry little ragamuffin. She’s a beauty queen. Cosmo has doubled in size. He is very handsome, a Mama’s boy and a complete goof.

Whether you are a cat person or a dog lover, save a life and be rewarded with love and furry companionship.