Unconditional Love

We all have some loyal friends in this world, but if you have been lucky enough to find a furry friend that honors you, even when you have not brushed your teeth or have gained a little weight, you have been blessed with one of the greatest friendships of all time. Our pets represent the true meaning of unconditional love. Knowing they’ve been waiting all day for you to get home so they can just love on you is one of the best rewards of having a pet. What animals do you have a passion for? Some like large animals for throwing balls, hiking or going to the beach. Others like small animals that are snuggly, quiet and perfect for relaxing with while reading a book. Some people choose their animals just based off of their love for good company and companionship.

I’ve mentioned some ways we are comforted by our pets, but what about the ways that we comfort them? Do we take time to make sure they are being fed the right food and get enough daily exercise? Have you ever considered if they get bored with the same food that they eat every day? All that our pets really ask for is to be treated kindly in return for their unconditional love. Our furry friends are always grateful for the love and kindness that we provide them. It is important for us to speak to our pets often, for our voices are their music. Feed them clean healthy food and keep their bowl full of water, as they cannot tell you when they are thirsty. Also, remember to bring your pets inside when it is wet and cold since they are domestic animals and are no longer accustomed to the bitter elements of nature.

I used to have the most amazing Golden Retriever, who was sadly harmed by the poisonous dog food that was being sold in stores not too long ago. I lost my Golden to this awful epidemic and it made me so nervous and cautious about buying store-bought dog food that  I started making my own dog food made with rice, ground beef and vegetables. I have to say, my other dogs loved the home-cooked meals! Just like making food for my children, I knew exactly what was in it and did not have to worry about my pets getting sick from eating it. My mother used to always feed her dogs boiled chicken and giblets, which they absolutely loved eating. What do you feed your pets? If you don’t have a pet, take a moment to evaluate whether you might enjoy having a furry and unconditional loving friend in your life, and whether you have the resources to take care of a pet in your home. Which furry friend do you think would enhance your everyday life? The rewards of having a pet completely outweigh the extra time required to take care of your new best friend. I want to mention that choosing your new best friend is just as important as choosing a partner in life, so make sure to decide wisely and go with what your heart tells you.

In some ways it might be easier to look at your present life before deciding what kind of pet you want to have. Are you a couch potato or an active person always on the go? Start with that in the decision-making process, because you definitely want to choose a pet that complements your lifestyle, so that you won’t get overwhelmed and you will better enjoy each other!

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