It’s Spring Landscaping Season

Spring is the perfect time to landscape your property. And the recent heavy rainfall (“be careful what you wish for”) makes it an even better time for landscaping and planting.

Whether a complete redo or just some partial changes, landscaping your property or installing a garden now is a great way to celebrate spring. Our own garden was so stressed out from the drought and limited watering that 75% of it needed to be redone, which was also the best time to replace inefficient sprinklers. Now that the soil is happy and wet, the established plants that survived the drought are even happier, and new growth can easily take root. Just looking at some of the early leaf and blossom buds is thrilling. New additions will find a happy home. It’s going to be a riotous spring!

The accompanying photos showcase two beautiful Santa Rosa Valley homes with carefully planned, conservatively planted landscape design and installation. There was no need to install large mature plants, because it’s so much fun to watch them grow and mature.

California Landcare, Inc. performed the landscape design and installation.

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