Onward & Upward! 1

Last year, our May issue featured several leading women in our Conejo Valley community. It was so well-received by our readers that we decided to see if we could do an even better job this year. I believe we did. I hope you all agree. Many, many thanks to our wonderful Editor Tracy Marcynzsyn. She pulled it all together, interviewed some fantastic women and, to use one of my co-publisher’s favorite analogies, she “knocked it over the fence.” He loves baseball!

These are challenging times for women. If we do not pay attention, we will see all of our progress during the past 100 years (yes, way back beginning with the Suffragettes) diminished. It’s time to stand tall, and the women we feature in this issue do exactly that, in business, the arts, education, nonprofits and other endeavors. They are leaders who are forging their identities through their accomplishments.

Before Ben and I started Conejo Valley Lifestyle, I had never dreamed of starting my own business. Frankly I was not any sort of career leader. My focus had been on my family and for a time, my Temple. The past two years have changed all that. What is really interesting is that my daughter beat me to the punch as an entrepreneur. While raising a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, she started a thriving wedding planning and events business, which often results in 18-hour days. Ben recently challenged his daughter, a university professor with 11- and 13-year-old girls, to stop complaining about politics on Facebook and run for office in Pennsylvania. If she does, her opponents better watch out. Tia is her name, and years ago, her brothers nicknamed her T-Rex, so you can imagine the rest.

As you can tell, our family is proud of our women, and here in the Conejo Valley, we have an incredibly strong sisterhood of leaders. Onward and upward ladies!