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Set in the serene landscape of the Water Court, Thinessence is a revolutionary Wellness Center dedicated to delivering the most innovative and enjoyable approach to health. From the moment you walk into our beautifully designed center, we want you to feel welcome. Our goal is to encourage, educate and empower each client with the resources to achieve a peak level of mental, physical and emotional wellness.

Our Niche

As the name implies, our specialty program is Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss. Most people understand the struggles of dieting and often experience a short-term drop in weight, followed by a rebound to the initial weight. This cyclical pattern of losing and re-gaining is colloquially referred to as the “yo-yo effect.” The efficacy of our approach directly addresses the cause of this cycle, which rests deep within our “subconscious.” Whenever we learn to do something in life, we practice it until we no longer need to think about it as much. Hypnotherapy allows us to open the door to your subconscious mind and introduce an idea that would otherwise be rejected through the typical dieting approach (calorie/food deprivation).

What differentiates Thinessence is our formulated method to create new connections within the brain. Our blueprint incorporates hypnotherapy, nutritional guidance, one-on-one coaching and state of the art equipment to create the most comprehensive approach to sustainable weight loss. The best part is that we can tailor each of these to fit the individual because every body is different. Our clients often say to us, “You are so much more than just weight loss.” The reality is that most people carry extra weight due to a pattern that they developed when they were young, which no longer serves them. However, since habits are hard to break, we simply utilize the same mechanism to create a new pattern that supports what you want to achieve. No more shots, magic pills or starvation diets. Instead, retrain your mind and let your subconscious do all the heavy lifting.

If you are open to relaxing your body and focusing your mind to obtain a better level of physical, mental and emotional health, then hypnotherapy may be the missing link that all your diet plans have been missing.

Service Spotlight: The SCIO: Quantum Energy Machine

The SCIO is a sophisticated and amazing Quantum Energy Device that uses a computerized connection to the client’s body, taking biometric readings at a rate of approximately 4,000 measurements per second.

There are two main components to the SCIO. One measures the energetic elements of the mind and body, which includes the digestive system and gut biome, hormones, stress reduction, sleep, emotional barriers, homeostasis, reliance on medications, breathing, allergens, emotions, meridians, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, muscles, foods, organs, bacteria, fungi, parasites, blood chemistry, bones, candida, chakras, toxins, chromosomes, urine chemistry, dental diseases and products, venoms, viruses, diseases, ligaments, vitamins, drugs, miasmas, worms, EEG, ECG, brain waves and more. The second provides bio-energy that the body can utilize to boost the inherent abilities found within our cells to help calibrate misalignments.

Regardless of your goals, this device can help reveal details of your mental and physical health to enable us to help you in every way possible.

Service Spotlight: 
The Magnesphere

The Magnesphere utilizes Magnetic Resonance Technology, which creates gentle energy fields capable of speaking directly to the molecules within your body. A session typically lasts 60 minutes and requires nothing more than reclining in our relaxing chair and listening to calming music.

In a world filled with stress, our bodies could certainly use a boost of balance on a regular basis. The Magnesphere triggers a natural state within the body known as, “the relaxation response.” This is characterized by the nervous system switching from stress mode to rest mode. Our ability to heal, repair and regenerate relies on balance within our nervous system. Many issues such as chronic pain, headaches, stiffness, sleeping difficulties and digestive issues can be combatted by repeated use of the device. The best part about this is there is no need for drugs, shots or surgeries because the Magnesphere is a completely holistic piece of equipment.

Why Our Clients 
Choose Thinessence

Our mission is to create a sanctuary with resources to support a longer, healthier life. Thinessence is the quintessential place to revitalize the mind, energize the body and enhance one’s ability to reach a peak level of wellness, fitness and vitality.

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