Back to School with a New Year & New You 3

As we start getting back into our normal routines once summertime comes to an end, some of us will be readying our kids for school, some will be returning to their typical work schedules, and others will continue with their lives per usual.

I always felt like it was the beginning of a new year when it came time for my kids to get ready to go back to school after their summer vacations. When my kids were younger, we reflected on our summertime trips and accomplishments before shifting into school mode. Summer was always so relaxing, without any routines, homework or carpooling to worry about. Once it came time to return to school, life was back in full swing. I used to call this the “Humpty Dumpty” stage where we put everything back together again. It always felt like the perfect time to get back in shape, get organized, and of course as a part of the “Humpty Dumpty” syndrome, start paying attention to all the things that needed fixing in our lives and at home.

About a month before school started, I had a tutor come over to start awakening my children’s brains by preparing them to get back into school mode. I felt the need to do this for my children because as the saying goes, “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” The tutoring truly made a great impact on their school year by giving them a much-needed refresher before returning after a long summer break. Another thing we did during the summer was visit the library. My daughters loved to read, but my sons were not the most avid readers. However, it became a great way to bond with my children while they continued to build and strengthen their reading skills. As a parent, getting involved with your children at school can be a great opportunity and a chance to meet new teachers, parents and children; I would think of it as a community center.

Although as fall approaches and the nights start to get darker earlier, everything begins to fall back into order—homework, dinner, bath time and bedtime—which made me feel like our life was in order. I have always loved being organized, so in a weird way, sending my kids back to school after summer break was one of my favorite times of year. The years and time spent working with my children and their schools have created great memories.

One reminder I have for you all during the hustle and bustle of a school year is to remember to smell the roses and continue making memories with your family and friends, because nothing ever stays the same…

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