Experience the Pure Barre Magic 2

Visit Pure Barre Westlake Village and experience a studio full of strong, dedicated and friendly people. Opened last August, Pure Barre’s gorgeous 2,600-square-foot space is located at the corner of Village Glen and Townsgate Road in the Westlake Plaza.

The immaculate studio is full of natural light and includes a large workout room with two mirrored walls and ballet barres lining all four walls of the room, where the staff says, “the pure barre magic happens.”

Surrounding the Pure Barre room is an on-trend athlesiure store that caters to uniquely stylish and active lifestyles and welcomes walk-in guests. You don’t have to be a member to enjoy the shopping, but many visitors do join the workout after a shopping stop or two. It is hard to resist their invitation of a free week of classes for new and local visitors. The Pure Barre team enjoys sharing their results-oriented workout with new clients and being a part of the transformations that have occurred regularly since the studio opened its doors a year ago.

In a typical Pure Barre class, you will find clients of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Part of the magic of Pure Barre is that anyone can do it! What is Pure Barre exactly? The class is musically driven but is not a dance class. While the technique is high intensity, it is very low impact, so you get a great workout without putting excessive stress on your joints. The tiny movements fatigue the muscles and short stretches lengthen them, resulting in long, lean muscle and a fast, effective way to change the shape of your body and elevate your overall strength. The workout is not easy, but there is a proven recipe for your success here—the technique, combined with caring and inspiring teachers that offer personalized hands-on corrections, tips and adjustments both during and after class, works.

“All clients need to do is bring the right attitude, be willing to step outside of their comfort zone and keep coming to class,” says Owner Susan Martin. “In as little as five to seven classes, a mind-muscle connection forms and results follow quickly.”

In addition to the Pure Barre Classic classes, the studio recently added a Pure Foundations class for clients new to Pure Barre and for those wanting to concentrate on perfecting their form. The class offers the same level of challenge as the classic class in a smaller, slightly slower and softer setting. This month, Pure Barre is excited to add a third class—Pure Empower—to the schedule. There is a lot of excitement in the studio surrounding the launch of this Pure Barre-style cardio-based option.

The best part of Pure Barre is that not only does it change bodies, it changes lives. Pure Barre is an inclusive community of women who come together to build their strength and become the best version of themselves. This community of strong women thrives on building one another up, encouraging and supporting each other. The culture of Pure Barre is to cheer you on and lift you up—that optimism is contagious and obvious and will empower you to achieve your goals. Each class is just 55 minutes.

“You are worth taking 55 minutes of your day, just for you,” Pure Barre’s Assistant Manager, Melissa Ortiz, reminds you. “There will always be a reason to wait, but it would be far better for you to start today. We are here for you, and in a very short time, it will be your Pure Barre journey that will inspire someone else!”

Pure Barre Westlake Village is open seven days a week. For class schedules and more information, call 805.990.9582, visit PureBarre.com/ca-WestlakeVillage or drop by the studio, located at 2806 Townsgate Road, Suite B, in Westlake Village. First Week Free is offered for new and local clients and an Intro Month of unlimited classes is currently on sale for $99.